Friday, February 10, 2012

Spell: Opening The Way

Opening The Way
Level: 2 (some variants are only Level 1, others can be as demanding as Level 7 and above.)
Duration: Typically 5 minutes/per level of caster, with the option to extend duration as usual.
Range: Special

Opening the Way is used to literally create a means of transplanar passage from one location on one particular stratum of reality to another location on another stratum of the paraverse, polyverse, or omniverse--the terminology tends to shift and change according to personal taste and frame of reference.

Availability: Common
Provenance/Variants: Myriads of alternate versions available. Most common variant encountered is restricted to one specific Paraversal Plane, Adjacent World, Parallel Realm, etc. Versions exist in nearly all major and most minor spell compendiums. The Wermic Journal of the Transgressive Octavoid,

Requirements & Constraints: Usually none are required, beyond having made the initial connection to the destination by way of a suitable Diagram, Ritual, Skrying, Survey, or other similar means. It is considered a Good Idea to perform some type of divination prior to attempting this spell, so that one can ascertain the suitability and/or desirability of attempting to make this particular transition.

Many of the cheaper and widely available variants of this spell often insist upon a token or focus of some sort to further refine the spell's ability to connect with the designated point of access. The only constraints are those built-into any particular variant, the core version of this spell only requires a designated terminus or destination. Lacking any such coordinate, the spell could conceivably open up an unstable vortex, but such instances are relatively rare.

Favorable Correspondences: Any item previously attuned to the desired destination will enhance the spell's effectiveness and success. There are Transplanar Ephemerides that purport to chart out the favorable/unfavorable times for various sorts of transitions, but these texts require a great deal of expertise in astrological and transplanar mechanics to be of any real use.

While this spell may in fact be fairly common in places such as Wermspittle or out among the Wandering Cities of the Kalaramar Drifts, it is not in general circulation among the lesser worlds of the Antechronal Paradiversion nor in those realms caught within the Counterstream of Corporatorium, but with some diligent digging, a few well-placed inquiries and sorcerous bribes, some version or variant will most likely be discovered, eventually.

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