Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bujilli: Map from Episode 12 you can see...Bujilli has run smack dab into another portcullis. Or at least the transplanar ghost of one. His hand passes through it easily, as though it isn't really there. But does he want to go forward into this new chamber (Area 9)? Is there any way to sneak back, past the Princess and the Muck-Raker in Area 8?

The 'Transveyance' objects one either side of the room past this currently displaced portcullis are like stairs or ramps, only they fold space and allow the two ends of the passage to be attuned to more than one destination. Anyone care to roll a D20 to determine what Bujilli knows about such things?

There is 'something' hovering in this room, between Bujilli and what appears to be an inert Gate or Portal Ring. Perhaps someone might like to roll another D20 and we'll see what Bujilli notices before...well...before whatever is about to happen actually takes place...

Here's the Updated Map...and as always feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

Bujilli's Most Current Map as of Episode 12...
So what Should Bujilli Do?
You decide...

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  1. The 12 means that Bujilli does indeed know a little bit about 'Transveyances,' as well as portals and gates. Not as much as someone who grew up in Riskail might be expected to know, but he does know a few things, about the equivalent of a 16-year-old who knows how to drive a car. There's a chance he can get something to happen, maybe even operate one fairly well, but if something goes wrong, there's no towing service for him to call.

    In this particular case, both of these Transveyances are obviously operational, and Bujilli can see the hovering orb near each of them that acts as the central control unit. These items are calibrated to receive psychic as well as vocal or visual inputs. You give them a destination and they literally re-sequence the aperture to take you there.

    The 14 means that Bujilli sees a large, obviously non-human brain encased within a translucent ovoid shell hovering right in front of the center Portal. The Portal is inert, possibly defunct or crashed. The psychic prompt he should be feeling from it is not active. The floor is deeply scorched. this Portal might have been sabotaged or shut-down with prejudice in the past.

    The hovering disembodied brain in a shell is asleep. Dreaming. Bujilli stopped himself before he got too close and startled it awake. Now he has to decide how he is to deal with this thing, or how to avoid it, or how to reach one of the Transveyances without waking it up...or whatever else sounds good to you folks.
    You Decide.

  2. The Gem directed Bujilli this way. He should ask it if he needs to take one of the Transveyances and if so, where to and can it help make sure he "drives" the Transveyance correctly. :)

  3. Good catch! This will go into Episode 13.


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