Monday, February 13, 2012

Effects of Unknown Forces (Random Table/Any System)

This Table is intended to accompany the spell: Evocation of Unknown Forces, but it can certainly be used with similar spells and in other situations at GM whim, er um discretion.
Effects of Unknown Forces (D20)
  1. Every sentient entity within the area of effect of this spell has 1 point of WIS forcibly ripped from them (inflicting an additional 2d4 damage). The accumulated WIS is then aggregated into one nascent proto-consciousness that is entirely intuitive, instinctive and highly empathic. It also now knows how to take what it needs from those around it in order to become more than it already is and might decide to rip off INT or CHAR to become a more well-rounded personality. This feral egregore has 1 HD per every increment of 6 points of WIS it has to start with.
  2. Everything caught within the sphere of effect is now rendered permanently transparent (roll 1d100 for percentage). It might sound like fun at first, but as the victim's eyes become transparent, they lose a corresponding amount of their ability to see within the normal spectra. A kind GM might allow those affected to adjust their visual sensitivity into some other range, such as infra-red or ultra-violet or whatever. Perhaps they gain the ability to see across the planes or gain a permanent form of clairvoyance in lieu of normal sight...
  3. Save or become petrified. You're not 'really' petrified, but rather have been shifted into a much slower-moving temporal stream. Your body resembles nearly immutable stone that endures throughout the ages to those who view it on the original time-line. The effect might eventually wear-off, but only after some really extreme period of time, unless someone figures out some clever way to circumvent the temporal differential.
  4. Everything goes blindingly white. A vast cacophonous roar shakes you to your very bones. Then it is totally quiet for 1d6 minutes after which it starts to snow within the area of effect for the next 1d6 hours. That is all.
  5. Each living thing within range of this spell loses 1 HD that is extracted under excruciatingly painful circumstances by the writhing, slithering energies of something ultra-organic, but operating on an entirely other sequence of planar spectra. All the extracted HD are then compounded into a weird gelatinous mass of poly-cellular goo that requires 1d30 rounds to fully gestate/incubate/develop within its egg-sac, after which time a wet and very hungry abomination combining one or more features from everyone who contributed a HD to its creation process (typically in the most lurid, disgusting ways possible to describe with a straight face or in your best drop-dead serious HPL-tone) chews its way out of the amniotic caul-pod and starts looking around for its mother...and something to eat.
  6. Everyone re-rolls WIS on 5d6, discards the lower two results and replaces their original score. Then each character so affected must make a Save or lose consciousness for 1d4 hours, after which time they awaken to a new life with a new personality, and no memory of their past life. The old memories and identity might be recoverable (like via certain spells), but could easily require an adventure or two in and of itself. There are those who deal in such matters, beings who barter in souls, trade in memories, or peddle new identities, as well as those who recover old identities, for a price.
  7. It's all purple. Deep, dark purple. Oh, and all the air is screaming off into the void that is all deep, dark purple and empty, except for you.
  8. Those caught within the area of effect can no longer see the color green. Save or this is a permanent effect.
  9. Everyone within range of the spell's effect must roll a Save or have their eyes morph into wet, flabby masses of looping tendril or feather-like antennae that extend nearly a foot outwards from their skull. Each of those affected now has a permanent True Seeing spell always in effect, however they cannot bear exposure to bright lights as their new ocular appendages are extremely sensitive things.
  10. The entire zone of effect of this spell has slipped out of alignment with the planar plenum and the whole thing is now sliding precipitously across one adjacent plane after another, picking up speed as it does so, until at last it reaches sufficient velocity to break free of anything you might know or recognize as reality, never to be seen again. Anyone so desiring can, of course, leave the accelerating elliptical area of effect, but will find themselves left on some other plane, dimension or place. Each minute they hesitate before jumping adds 1d4 to the amount of damage they will take when they finally do jump, unless they opt to ride this thing out...then it's a one way trip to oblivion, unless the GM decides to intervene.
  11. Everyone within the zone of effect has had their skin and a small amount of their flesh commingled with everyone else. Cutting free will take 3d6 damage over the course of 3d4 rounds, with a need to either make a CON check or a Save in order to not pass out in the course of extracting one's self from this disgusting mess. Once free, another Save will be needed to avoid bleeding to death. If anyone stays interconnected like this without cutting themselves free, they will be conglomerated into a single macro-organism within 3d6 hours. It is a painless process, however the final conglomerate being will only retain portions of any one contributor's memories, abilities, or attributes...and it will most definitely not be human any longer. Oh, and it will certainly be quite hungry.
  12. Everyone hands their character sheet over to the person to their right for the rest of the session. Players must succeed on a Save for both their old character and the new one in order to switch back. They can attempt this only once per session.
  13. The zone of effect becomes a permanent storm with winds that lash out for 2d4 damage per round and a constant 30% chance of random lightning strikes for another 3d6 damage. See the Damned Things Tables for additional fall-out from the storm, and there is a base 5% chance that this place has become a temporary Weak Spot or Weak Point in reality, allowing things to cross-over from strange places and times. (This would be a great time to whip out one of those handy random tables of monster encounters from Mutant FutureHumanspace Empires, or some other game...)
  14. Each mind within the zone of effect has been swapped into the body of someone or something else who was likewise caught within the range of this spell. Roll randomly.
  15. All beings within the zone of effect must make a Save or be forcibly transmogrified into a living shadow of themselves. Their ability to assume a limited form of materiality will depend on their ability to derive substance from those they drain of hit points by a touch attack, or possibly other sorcerous solutions mostly known within Tsan Yian...
  16. All those affected have malleable features, essentially their faces mold like putty, for the next 1d6 days. Yes, they will stay that way if you're not careful.
  17. You all wake up with a headache, you've lost 1d4 HD, all your stats are re-rolled, and you may be an entirely other class and possibly even another race or gender now...and your memories of what happened are cloudy and painful, so it's probably best to get moving. This place just doesn't feel right to you and the sooner you get away from it, the better.
  18. Those affected have had their bones transformed into translucent crystalline material much more akin to carbon than to calcium. Each of them gains one additional Hit Die, heals at twice the normal rate, and now has the ability to store spells in their bones as though they were walking, talking rings of spell storing. There are quite a few 'interested parties' who'd dearly love to get hold of such lovely bones as those the player characters now carry around within their formerly worthless hides...
  19. Everything goes black --very dramatically-- and each person caught within the spell's zone of effect finds themselves facing an exact duplicate, a deranged, slavering, completely insane contra-replica hellbent on killing and devouring the original so that they can go forth from this place in their stead.
  20. No one will ever know what really happened. Roll up some new characters...


  1. Great stuff, truly. Weird. Horrific.

  2. Thanks Trey, we're going back over the old posts and getting all those tables and other things we've been referencing done and posted. There's quite a back-log, but we're making progress. Then there's the PDFs we've been working on...


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