Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spell: Dissolve (Internal)

Level: 3
Duration: Requires a minimum of 1d6 minutes per HD of internal parasite/resistance of affected matter to run its course.
Range: Extended Touch (Soft tissues/Intended for Internal Use)

Availability: Restricted to Surgeons and Medical Professionals. Non-approved users are subject to scrutiny by Medical Review Boards and there are other possible repercussions.

Provenance/Variants: Most variants of this spell are kept in locked collections and are under the Red Ban, meaning that any non-medical professionals who come across one of these spells is supposed to turn it over to the proper authorities. Of course, this rarely ever happens, as there is a thriving underground trade for medical collectibles and illicit spells alike.

Requirements & Constraints: Diagnosis either through the spell, divination, or personal skill is required before this spell can even be cast. All known versions of this spell, even the forgeries, are couched in obscure medical terminology in order to baffle lay-practitioners and to cause non-sanctioned casters to slip-up or miss an important sub-clause, often with extremely painful or even fatal results. There is almost always some sort of penalty associated with unsanctioned use of this spell and any of its variants. (See Penalties Associated With Non-Sanctioned Spell-Use for details.)

Favorable Correspondences: Sanctioned Medical practitioners get to use this spell with no penalty. Medical Dowsing allows the caster to reduce the time needed for this spell to run its course by 50%. Using a Katarchic Chart from a Midwife will allow the victim to make all Saves related to this spell at +2.


A closely guarded secret of the medical establishment, this spell is restricted to Surgeons and other Sanctioned Professionals. In the hands of a skilled and legitimate user, this spell and its hyper-specialized variants will counter the horrific effects of most pernicious parasitic infections, sorcerous maladies such as Cerebral Conception or Terrible Conception, and the deliberate embedding of foreign objects by Apportative Attacks, Catastrophic Infiltration, or the like. It can also be used to eliminate more mundane ailments such as various lithotropes (mineralized formations), deposits, or blockages within the victim's body.


  1. "Restricted to Surgeons and Medical Professionals."

    Sweet! Membership has it's privileges. ;) Cool spell.

  2. Thanks Trey. The table for what happens when non-sanctioned types try to use this sort of thing are on the way. That can get nasty...


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