Monday, February 27, 2012

Dead-Lead Shot (Wermspittle)

Dead-Lead Shot
Cost: 10 gp for box of 12, but price is always going up.
Effect: Improves performance of Spectral Arquebuses and similar gunpowder weapons. Each dead-lead shot used against immaterial or incorporeal undead forces them to make a save or be discorporated.

Dead-Lead Shot can be sensed even by the most mindless undead at a range of 1d30 feet (determine randomly per each undead). Dead-Lead in close proximity will rapidly provoke a frenzied sort of berserker madness in most 'mindless' forms of animated  undead types such as zombies. Prolonged exposure is rumored to lead to bouts of intense madness and even episodes of mass-possession among the more intelligent forms of undead, but this has not yet been substantiated by credible research.

Incorporeal undead such as spirits and ghosts can detect dead-lead automatically within a 60' radius. They will usually seek to avoid encountering or being directly exposed to this substance, but will mark those carrying it for special attention at the first opportunity. It is suspected in certain old manuscripts and records that Dead-Lead can be made to serve as the basis for binding certain types of spirits, and that it has other applications in regards to the undead besides just disrupting or trapping them. There are dark rumors to the effect that certain whispering spirits have taught a small group of deranged nihilists how to convert Dead-Lead into a smoldering form of transmutated metal that destroys living flesh in a horrific reversal of the substances 'normal' nature.

Dead-lead is harvested by unscrupulous tomb-robbers who plunder the old graveyards and crypts looking for lead-caskets to salvage, melt-down and cast into shot. This often incurs the attentions and ire of the local Barrow-Men who most often take a rather dim view of such things.

There are other types of eldritch ammunition available, but it is still rare, expensive and in high demand by regular army purchasers who get very interested in anyone trying to out-bid them since they represent the Nobility.

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