Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heading Off Into The Woods (Blogwalk)

The climb down from the Oak went fine, despite the increasing cold and the ice coating some of the limbs and branches. You step down onto the snow with a satisfying crunch. The light is different down here, less silvery, more murky. Things are a bit looser, diffuser, almost smoky.

Wolves howl in the distance. This is wilderness. You can smell the rawness on the wind that carries snow in through the few gaps between the undergrowth and the tall trees. There is a slumbering vitality to this place. It feels like you're stepping across the spine of an immense sleeping dragon.

Looking around you can spot two decent-seeming options; either strike off to the left and follow what appears to be a game trail that runs uphill towards a very dense cluster of trees brooding darkly, or you might head off at a slightly crooked angle, crossing three fallen trees, and head for what appears to be a clearing of sorts. The moonlight washes this clearing in soft silver luminosity. Those trees huddled together along the other path look dark and slightly foreboding, but then you notice an owl perched in one of those trees. A large owl. It is watching you.

Do you...

Take the path towards the cluster of trees and the owl?
Blog One     Blog Two    Blog Three

Go along the other path toward the clearing?
Blog One     Blog Two    Blog Three

Look for a third alternative path?
Blog One     Blog Two    Blog Three

Ask the owl for some advice?
Blog One     Blog Two    Blog Three

This is a continuation of Porky's Fantasy Blogwalk, a collaborative cross-blog Choose Your Own Adventure narrative that begins at The Oak and expands outwards across the blog-o-sphere as explained by the prime instigator and friendly coordinator of this online collaborative narrative, Porky himself in his 'Blogging Our Adventures' post.

If you have an idea for a scene that might come before, during or after this one, write it, post it on your blog, and link to this post as one of the choices/options available from your scene's post. It's okay to present more options even if those scenes haven't been written just yet. There's plenty of room for everyone and alternative paths are much appreciated and encouraged. If you do write a scene that links to any of the ones at this blog, please leave a link in the comments here so that we can add your scene into the link options here. Everyone is welcome. Make sure you check out some of the other paths that are already available—you might get some ideas for thing to add that none of us have gotten to yet!

To begin your own Blogwalk as a reader-explorer, we suggest going back to the BEGINNING.

If you'd be interested in participating by contributing your own scenes as a Blogwalk writer-blogger then read the Summary and Guidelines at Porky's blog.

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