Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Werks: Quindra & Hallimox

S. P. over at How To Succeed at RPGs or Die Trying has done an excellent job of converting the Quindra and Hallimox over to 4th Edition D&D.

The original Quindra & Hallimox were statted-up for Labyrinth Lord and both are very important species within the Kalaramar Drifts setting.

We'll be revealing a few more details about both these creatures as there is a Hallimox Mummy-Thief in Part Two of Zilgor's Repose, and a Quindra is said to be lurking around the ruins of a certain fortified oasis...


  1. Thank you kindly. I'm happy to hear that I'm doing the source material justice.

  2. We love what you're doing. Thank you for your efforts. It is wonderful to read your re-interpretations of these creatures. We would love to see more about this Duchy Jepson sounds like an intriguing place!


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