Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Werks: Walmakash & Urglun

S. P. has struck again, this time he has converted the Walmakash and the Urglun over to 4E D&D, you can find S. P.'s conversions of these two creatures at his blog: How To Succeed in RPGs or Die Trying as part of his ongoing Wednesday Werks series. S. P. has suggested a further refinement to the Walmakash in respect to their ability to intrinsically retrieve and absorb magical information within a 10' radius; allowing the Walmakash to mimic these powers/rituals/spells. Certainly, that is quite reasonable and definitely has been observed, but the Walmakash are a bit slow to do this, generally, as it means losing the spell or ritual they have gained in this manner. It generally takes them a few hours to completely integrate, some would say digest, these sorts of things. If they cast them before fully integrating these things, they lose them, just as a typical spell-caster would normally. This is why the Walmakash rather prefer to gather a nice repertoire of magical items to help them slip away from dangerous least until they have accumulated some substantial fire-power, spell-wise. When a Walmakash stands at the ready, prepared to engage in spell-to-spell might be a good time to reconsider the encounter, and perhaps look for a way out. They are not known to bluff. Nor do they like to lose. If they are ready to throw down...they will definitely have something wicked up their flabby non-sleeves.

As for the Urglun...we'll have a few more things to reveal about them as our play-test group makes their way out across the Kalaramar Drifts, away from Zilgor's Repose...and yes, there is a direct connection between the Urglun and the Vattuch Sequence of synthetic creatures that have cropped-up in Bazra and Xembor...

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