Monday, December 2, 2013

Sector T-3 Index (Kepler 22-B: Strange New World)

Kepler 22-B is a Super-Earth that orbits within the Kepler 22 solar system's Habitable Zone (at 0.849 AU). It is one of the earliest confirmed Exoplanets located 600 light years from Earth in the Cygnus constellation. The Strange New World blog is coordinating a collaborative effort to map and explore Kepler 22-B as an environment suitable for table-top role-playing games.

Sector T-3 occupies a rocky, mountainous region with warm Mediterranean coasts with a few large freshwater lakes and is dominated by vast, dense forests that are book-ended by two distinctly different desert regions. We have only begun to explore this region...

Notable Locations in Sector T-3
  • Hex 14.42
  • Hex 11.20
  • Hex 06.52
  • Hex 58.81
  • TBD

Events & Encounters in Sector T-3

Flora, Fauna & Factions in Sector T-3
(under construction)

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