Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Summary: 12/16 to 12/21, 2013

Here's a quick summary of what we've posted to the blog for the week of  Monday 12/16 to Saturday 12/21, 2013.

The Rarebit Fiend managed to escape our hard-drive after over two years of being trapped in a forgotten file of rough-drafts. Now we'll be making up for lost time. We have a few more Windsor McCay inspired posts to polish-up and get posted once and for all.

Princess I---, is the second Pre-Generated Character for the impending Zalchis Scenario: Cold Start, that we'll be hosting at Con of the North this coming February. The character sheets for these Pre-Gens will be made available in pdf format once all eight intro-bits have been posted, one at a time, at Midnight. Prince S--- also went up last night. We're purposefully not giving these characters a specific name, only a beginning initial, so that the players can choose a name they prefer. It's the least we can do, what with them all having fallen more or less into the clutches of The Machines of Ludenja...

The Blunderbore also escapes from our hard-drive after years of digital wandering. This denizen of the Public Domain is also a survivor, after a fashion, from our very first campaign. An outcast half-giant brigand. They only ever got three chances to do their thing, back in the Seventies. Maybe they'll do better now that they've been slightly updated...

Lord H-- has now entered the ranks of those potentially going to Zalchis this coming February...

Yellow Creepers escaped from our hard-drive, finally. We have a few more things in the key of yellow that will be showing up shortly.

We also posted our Behind the Scenes Overview for The Gravelands, our set of inter-connected adventures for Swords & Wizardry. With luck we ought to have one or two of the pdfs up and ready to go at DriveThruRPG either really soon, or after the Holidays, depending on how the schedule works out. (Having missed three months has really taken a toll on this year's schedule...) The pre-release/raw versions of Taglar's Tomb and Baljessor's Crypt are already available at our blog, but both have been revised, expanded and converted into a pay-what-you-will pdf. Two of these adventures, Grave-Robbing in Xanibet and Shifting Sands will make their debut at Con of the North in February.

Lady C--- has claimed her place as a possible Player character for the Zalchis: Cold Start Scenario we'll also be running at Con of the North, using a modified mash-up of Labyrinth Lord & Mutant Future.

Bujilli: Episode 72 Screams. Blood. Monsters. We're really back in Wermspittle now. There's a poll for this Episode. We'd appreciate your feedback!

Field Officer L--- is now available as a Pre-Generated character to consider for the Zalchis: Cold Start game.

One more long-delayed post finally makes it out to the blog, this time it is the dreaded Saiitii Manifestations, inspired by William Hope Hodgson's The Whistling Room, one of our favorite Carnacki tales. We'll be getting the Vermiform Appendix, our Wermspittle-centric version of Appendix N posted soon.

We're also gearing-up for the Obsolete Simulations Roundup blog-hop, hosted by The Savage Afterworld blog.

Champion A--- joins the cast of Pre-Gens for Zalchis: Cold Start.

We revealed the First Glyph-Stone, one of the strange opals one might encounter within The Ashen Maze, Zalchis and certain points beyond. We'll be detailing three of these gems, for now. Nadume knows of dozens more.

Warrior Z--- is now an option for Zalchis: Cold Start.
One more to go, then the set of eight will be fully introduced. Then we'll post the Character Sheets.

Next Week
A few things got moved around again. The Queue is full, but things might shift about some more, so we'll skip mentioning what's in store, aside from mentioning that we are planning on posting our contribution to The Zones collaborative cross-blog project hosted by the FATEsf blog, and we're working on a pair of entries for the Obsolete Simulations Roundup blog-hop being instigated and hosted by The Savage Afterworld blog, as well as getting things in order for our hosting the January 2014 RPG Blog Carnival with the theme Transitions. More details to follow as things get done and scheduled.


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