Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Summary: 11/24 to 11/30, 2013

Here's a quick summary of what we've posted to the blog for the week of  Monday 11/24 to Saturday 11/30, 2013.

We kicked off the week with Glushigon's Mask, a notoriously temperamental magic item that combines Black Smoke with the suppression of arcane knowledge in a fairly unique manner.

We offered a Random Table just for those times when the player characters decide to spend some quality time safely tucked away in their rooms at one of those inns, hostels or flop-houses they are prone to frequent between adventures. Don't Look Under the Bed reveals what inquiring characters might find waiting for them, either before they lay themselves down to sleep...or in the middle of the night. However best serves the schemes of the DM/GM...

Ten Takers, mostly-despicable bounty-hunters and professional abductors who ply their sordid trade within the environs of Wermspittle, and sometimes elsewhere. Not every villain or opponent met on the road wants to kill everyone they meet. These folks prefer to capture their chosen victims alive, usually, some on behalf of cruel masters or on the basis of a contract or quota, others do it because they like it, or are just so damn good at it.

Bujilli: Episode 70 saw Bujilli taking the day off to spend with Mr. Sprinkles, The Shen and the rest of his extended family who were in town for the holiday. Niobe brought something she claimed was turkey. No one had any. She went away angry. As usual.

Just in time for the November RPG Blog Carnival, we did a set of three tables for Gunpowder, Treason and Plots!

The Pruztian Five-Pence Piece has a solemn reputation among those who served within the ranks of the New Model Pruztian Armies, as well as other more fortunate souls. this form of Foreign Currency can be found increasingly more often within Wermspittle, carried by Pruztian Refugees, displaced units, even deserters. Esoteric Numismatists can now compare these grim coins with the Dread Pennys of Nagrothea.

Next Week
We return to the Purple Forest, after a fashion, to reveal a few details regarding Purple Amber, a much-coveted and highly sought-after commodity within Wermspittle and points beyond. We've also uncovered a bunch of posts that got lost in the transition from our old blog, so we'll finally be able to let the Ragossa and a few other long-lost creatures, treasures and the like loose once and for all. We may also have a few more details to offer regarding certain other Nagrothean matters...

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