Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ZPG4: Lady C---

Her people's eternal enemies were scattered. Their hold over the land was broken. She strode proudly through the falling snows of a late winter with the grace of a feline predator. It had been her blade that had lopped off the head of her people's greatest oppressor. It seemed only right that she ascend to the throne that she had won through much blood and more suffering and betrayal.

She paused to ponder the heavy, ancient throne set upon its blood-spattered dais. It would be good to be a Queen.

The final betrayal came without a sound. A spell set by the serpent-folk. She was carried off from her throne never to be seen again. Carried off to Zalchis.
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  1. Nice! I like how you are building these character backgrounds.

    1. This has been a lot of fun. We're totally revising and rewriting everything from the old Zalchis blog from the ground up. Nadume is in the queue, as are the Cancelariet and the Orichalcum Spirals. The Introduction is nearly done as well. Several of the monsters are getting revised to better flesh out their more Zalchis-esque qualities. The next couple of weeks will see a lot of fresh Zalchis material coming through the blog.

    2. We're a big fan of Nadume, so it will be nice to see her back!

    3. Working on an adventure that takes place within the Ashen Maze, at least in part. It'll be ready after Cold Start. If all goes according to plans...


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