Thursday, December 19, 2013

ZPG5: Field Officer L---

The battle raged. Violet streams of unlight visited destruction upon the enemy fortifications. Swarms of flickering drones fought rapid-fire duels across the skies overhung with a canopy of creeping poisons and black smoke. Casualties were atrocious. On both sides. But life is fleeting and of small consequence to the officers safely ensconced within the hardened Redoubts of Overcommand.

New orders were coming in. Then the Corps Telepath erupted into a shower of sparks and half-cooked meat. Then the Mortar-shells started falling on their position.
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  1. Some great language there, "Redoubts of Overcommand." Sounds like the work of Gallifrean-Sontaran hybrids!

    1. Do they have such things? That would be scary. We need a Sontaran-like group in Zalchis...


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