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Sector T-3: Events & Encounters Table I (Kepler 22-B: Strange New World)

Kepler 22-B is a Super-Earth that orbits within the Kepler 22 solar system's Habitable Zone (at 0.849 AU). It is one of the earliest confirmed Exoplanets located 600 light years from Earth in the Cygnus constellation. The Strange New World blog is coordinating a collaborative effort to map and explore Kepler 22-B as an environment suitable for table-top role-playing games.

Sector T-3 occupies a rocky, mountainous region with warm Mediterranean coasts with a few large freshwater lakes and is dominated by vast, dense forests that are book-ended by two distinctly different desert regions. We have only begun to explore this region...

Recent Events & Encounters in Sector T-3

  1. The last 3 planetary days have seen a massive pollination-event along the coasts of the salt-sea. Thousands of species of plants are involved. Everything is coated with a 1d4 inch layer of sticky pollen in a wide array of colors.
  2. Due to a series of violent underwater tremors followed by the venting of super-heated volcanic gasses, there have been multiple die-offs among deepwater fish. The venting has also formed a series of pockets of warmer than usual waters rich in sulfur and selenium, among other trace minerals. Where the fish have been decimated by this event, hordes of shellfish, crustaceans and other, hardier species have proliferated in the hotter, more acidic waters of these pockets. It is undetermined as yet if this is only a temporary phenomenon, some sort of cyclical event, or a one-time cataclysm.
  3. Forest fires have swept portions of the Mountain Ranges North of the Great Bay. The fires were started by thunderstorms.
  4. A Bunker similar to that uncovered in Sector C-6 was unsealed. Inside were a fleet of combat Ovocipedes. Some are suspected to still be in working order.
  5. A major migration of hexapodal arachno-ruminants moving across the Southern desert-zones has begun. The females are especially aggressive at this time. Approach with caution.
  6. Six lighter-than-air weather-monitoring balloons have gone missing in the vicinity of the so-called 'Blister-Dome' in Hex 14.42. The cause remains unknown.
  7. Heavy rains have precipitated flooding and mud slides through the Eastern Coastal Region. Survey teams are cautioned to avoid setting-up camp in low-lying areas in this region.
  8. Cicada-like insectoids have emerged from underground burrows through-out the smaller Western Islands, cays and atolls. The creatures are extremely inquisitive and definitely carnivorous.
  9. The electromagnetic disturbances within the Orange Zone have increased in intensity, prompting another round of exploration by ground teams. Satellite systems still cannot establish any sort of usable visual information from this area.
  10. Three trapezoidal monoliths were unearthed by the rock-slide started by accident in the Central Eastern Hills of Sector T-3.
  11. Two different Survey-Teams have discovered and GPS-tagged several series of cyclopean pillars that appear to be arranged according to anomalous electromagnetic fields that may be related to underground rivers.
  12. Air travel within two hours of the onset of sunrise and sunset is being curtailed due to vast flocks of crepuscular avian species that only feed during twilight hours.
  13. Ruins of a crashed fortified city-state mounted on a heavily scorched and pitted disk were spotted by drones doing a preliminary sweep of Hex 11.20. The architectural design has not been determined at this time. At least one drone was shot down by a directed energy weapon.
  14. The recent outbreak of psycho-fungal infections at Port Campbell have subsided. Medical advisors have not determined how or why. It seems to be clearing up all on its own.
  15. Negotiations with Olguvai Scouts from Sector C-6 have broken down. Mis-translation of the menu at a recent brunch-meeting is being blamed.
  16. A coalition of big game hunters and wilderness enthusiasts have begun to petition for access to the warm plains in the South of Sector T-3. They want to hunt flocks of gigantic flightless birds and several species of man-sized reptiles.
  17. The rumored squatter-colony of utopian-sectarians in the southern Mountains has been found. There were no survivors.
  18. Three independent observers have reported seeing multiple small saucer-shaped craft towing what appear to be giant severed human heads. So far these sighting have all been isolated to one particular area, a system of interconnected river-valleys that extends over 300 miles. There is intense debate over possible next-steps. Conservative forces fear stirring up trouble. Others want to get to the bottom of things and find out whose heads are being dragged about and why.
  19. A shuttle bound for newly established Port Piper was forced to land and make emergency field-repairs. They located what seems to be an artificially-flattened plateau sectioned-off by overlapping tracks that may or may not be landing strips. The crew reported seeing several gargantuan stone heads, each more than 600' in diameter hover mere inches above the very flat ground. The crew has been in quarantine since reporting in at Port Piper. The rumors are just beginning to get started.
  20. Bio-Lab tests confirm that the feathery white fronds so commonly encountered through-out the slower-moving sections of the rivers in the Southern half of Sector T-3 are in fact semi-intelligent and prey upon small animals, as well as unwary explorers. The fronds rapidly assimilate several vital minerals from their victims, leaving them shriveled and discolored husks. These findings, coupled with the evidence already on-hand, leads to the inescapable conclusion that no fewer than three campsites were wiped-out by these plants in the recent past. Defoliants modeled upon the white frond's genetic profile are being distributed to all field units active in the South.

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  1. Good to see this again, and still inspiring great material. My sector could do with a little love too...

    In no. 18, "There is intense debate over possible next-steps." suggests an impressively composed response.

    1. This is a great project, it just went quiet for a little bit. We revised and cleaned-up all of our previous Sector T-3 posts, and plan on doing a few more, as time allows. It'd be great to see what you've got cooking over in your Sector, as well as what any of the other participants have been working on in all the other Sectors, both old and new. This is a BIG planet, with loads of possibilities...

  2. Number 15 is a hoot. I see a scenario there

    1. We thought it might give our host Mr. Stater a laugh as well. It could make for an interesting (and fun) session at the table...

  3. Great table. It makes me wonder (well, a lot of things) but foremost is what type of predators might stalk the arachno-ruminant herds.

    1. Exactly! Each table is sort of like a slippery slope that leads into all sorts of other things. We need someone to go out there and gather data on what preys upon these herds. Boom. A new adventure. One that might lead into who knows what else...


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