Monday, December 16, 2013

ZPG2: Princess I---

She has spent many long days in this dismal place. At least she assumes it has been many days. After they destroyed her eyes and barred the doors, she's had no way to accurately mark the passage of time. Not that it mattered.

They took everything from her. Made her watch the executions. Then blinded her. Locked her in her rooms while they debated what to do with her. A legitimate princess held worth in certain quarters. Perhaps they would auction her off to some foreign noble. They argued.

She has spent her time dreaming in the darkness of her ransacked rooms. They never found the Gem hidden in her bedroom wall. The Gem her father had forbidden her to touch. The Gem she was supposed to have gotten rid of...but didn't.

The Gem whispered to her in her dreams.

It told her of a way to escape her captors.

She listened to the Gem. She did what it instructed her.

She would go to Zalchis.
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  1. This isn't what I expected either. It's shaping up to be as wild a blend as Wermspittle, in its own new way.

    1. Thanks. We like the renewed and revised Zalchis stuff, hopefully readers such as yourself will enjoy it as well.


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