Tuesday, December 17, 2013


No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 1
Damage: 3d6 (Heavy Club) or 4d6+3 (Massive Sword or Heavy Hammer)
Save: F7
Morale: 11

Special: When Agitated, a Blunderbore gains a second attack every other turn, and they cause double damage on any successful roll of 19 or 20 to hit.

They don't throw stones; Blunderbore prefer to thrash their opponents with a stout piece of wood, say a section of an old elm tree. They carry weapons, once they've been able to acquire something suitable, but they prefer not to nick-up their blades on tiny ones. Unless provoked.

They are uncouth, loud and prone to bouts of incredibly noxious dyspepsia. They insist on eating things that do not always agree with them. They also have no qualms about devouring those who do agree with them. If they can catch them.

Slow-witted...they know that they are not as smart as others. What they lack in terms of intelligence, they try to make-up in terms of stubbornness and determination. They entertain dim, slightly distorted ambitions of sorts. They'll regale their prisoners with long, tedious, drawn-out accounts of such things as they'd really rather be doing once they've managed to stoutly secure their prisoners. More than one such prisoner has opted for suicide in order to escape the never-ending inane prattling of a Blunderbore. They rarely notice.

They do not give up. Not often, never easily. They'll lose interest and take a nap, but they're probably faking it. They'll sometimes strike a bargain to be done with some disagreeable business, but they won't always stick to the agreement.

They operate alone. Outcasts from the other Giants. Never inquire about such things; it aggravates them terribly and an agitated Blunderbore is a terrifying thing indeed.

Blunderbores have been a regular feature in numerous fairy tales ever since appearing in Jack the Giant Killer and going on to appear in several other stories, usually coming to a bad end...


  1. We're pretty jazzed by these as we just saw the movie Jack the Giantkiller for the first time this weekend. Watching it again tonight.

    1. We haven't seen that movie yet. Is it any good? We might rent it.

  2. This fits the gaming very well, even with so much that should be cluttering up the conceptual space around it. It feels fresh. I like how the complexity is less in the mechanics than the nature.

    1. It's wide open for people to make it suit their needs at the table. Having the Blunderbore abduct a few of the local milk-maids and hang them up by their hair in a tree sounds like a good start...faery tales and folklore are pretty good fodder for RPGs...


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