Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yellow Creepers (Red Bestiary/Wermspittle)

Yellow Creepers
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2+2 (can advance)
Attacks: 1 (Touch, Gaze or Weapon)
Damage: 1d4+Memory Loss, Special or by Weapon
Save: MU3
Morale: 11

Special: Immune to Charm, Sleep or Emotion-Manipulating effects (includes Fear). Blood causes Confusion, even if scabbed over and dried-out. Those coming into contact with the yellow-ichor must roll a Save (at +1 bonus, as it is not very potent as is). Each successful Touch attack requires the victim to Save or lose 1d4 spells for one day. Their Gaze causes Fear in any who fail to Save at -1 penalty (it is exceptionally disturbing). Yellow Creepers ignore gravity so long as they have a surface upon which to cling. It is not uncommon for them to attack from the ceiling. They can Move Silently (80%) and Hide in Shadows (70%).

Victims of one or another form of Yellow Wallpaper, these shambling and scurrying travesties who were once human beings have been reduced to strange, aberrant wrecks of their former selves. They are emotionless, incredibly repellent (-6 Char Reaction Roll), resembling waddling fungal growths that retain a somewhat humanoid shape and appearance. They never sleep. Never dream. They also no longer speak coherently, but instead mutter and mumble in a disjointed and irrational patois that fills all who hear it with a deep sense of revulsion. Their touch has been known to ruin spell-books and grimoires, smearing the inscribed spells into dangerous gibberish and streaking the pages with a toxic yellow stain.

Former Clerics and some few others that have been reduced to this unwholesome state lose all spells, but sometimes they retain the ability to smear a vile sign or disgusting symbol with their filthy fingers. It is not a pretty sight to see, by any means.
  • Vile Sign: Save or incapacitated by nausea for 1d4 Turns.
  • Disgusting Symbol: Save or be incapacitated by dysentery for 1d4 Turns.
  • Revolting Smear: Save or experience intense and irresistible need to leave the area immediately. Effect persists for 1d4 Turns.
  • Yellow Splotch: Causes one spell (either memorized or in a book) to be reduced to gibberish, if the victim fails their Save. The mangled spell in memory can be relinquished and re-memorized another time. Those spells contained within a spell-book affected by this splotch are garbled and are now randomized in their effect(s), most of which will be negative.
There are rumored to be other signs and symbols available to certain of these beings.


  1. "but instead mutter and mumble in a disjointed and irrational patois that fills all who hear it with a deep sense of revulsion." -- Just great!

    1. Thanks--this is another old post that has been buried and nearly forgotten in the drafts for too long. We found several more in there that we're cleaning-up a bit. Nice to have the queue filling-up again.

  2. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more terrifying...

    1. Oh, these aren't the worst of the lot. We have a few more related critters to reveal in the New Year.

    2. And when you say that, I believe you...

    3. Working on some illustrations over our impending road-trip...


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