Friday, December 20, 2013

ZPG6: Champion A---

Years spent in training. How to use every weapon. How to beat every type of defense. Strategy. Tactics. Endless drills. Endless waiting. Then the Call came. 
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 Zalchis: Cold Start
Cold Start Pre-Gen Characters


  1. If these are all for the con game, it's going to be some session. The rest of us could do with some kind of eldritch link to see it all unfolding...

    1. Yes sir, these are all for the Zalchis: Cold Start game. The players will get to choose from this group, so there will only be 3-5 of them actually in the scenario. The others will be NPCs, if needed.

      We'll certainly do a game session and con-report, and try to get some photos. The scenario will be available as a pdf later on, after the current crop finally gets out there...

    2. That would be grand. Anything that gets us poor souls on other sides closer to the action.


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