Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Summary: 12/9 to 12/14, 2013

Here's a quick summary of what we've posted to the blog for the week of  Monday 12/9 to Saturday 12/14, 2013.

The Ragossa made its way to the blog after more than two years of wandering around lost within a hard-drive. We're in the process of going over a few more things from the Kalaramar Drifts in preparation of the impending release of the revised and expanded Zilgor's Repose. we'll have more posts concerning the Drifts and such in the weeks ahead.

We return to Wermspittle, this time to re-enter the notorious Sewers & Cellars with another Encounter Table. This is the third of four such tables and is part of the Cellar Inspectors scenario we'll be running at Con of the North in February 2014. And yes, the footer on this post is going to link to the Wermspittle Index, and other stuff as soon as those posts go live in the next few days/weeks. We're working hard to make our blog easier to navigate.

Pretty Young Things is the companion table to the earlier Fine Young Cannibals table of NPCs from Wermspittle. This time around we present a set of 20 Eloi NPCs...some good, some bad, all of them sure to leave a few beautiful corpses in their wake...

We also posted a link to the Great Blog Roll Call, and a One-Minute Monster that has been sitting on the side-lines for months now. We may do a few more one-minute monsters, as well as a few 5-minute-maps. Seems like it might be fun.

Bujilli: Episode 71 Bujilli pushes back, rejecting Sprague's initial offer and putting the Oneirist off-balance. Seizing the initiative, he learns a few things that Sprague might not otherwise have admitted. Bujilli wakes up back in his bed. Then the Screaming starts...

We joined in the December RPG Blog Carnival. The theme this month is Taking Charge and it is being hosted by the Casting Shadows blog. We wrote about our experiences with B2: The Keep on the Borderlands. Next month, we'll be hosting the January RPG Blog Carnival and the Theme will be Transitions. Look for our kick-off post on January First.

The Quick Index to Series Four is now available, making it easier than ever to read through Series Four of Bujilli's on-going adventures.

We also wanted to let folks know that we are in the process of revising the old Zalchis stuff as we transfer it over here to this blog in preparation for our running the Cold Start Scenario at Con of the North in February. More Zalchis posts will start appearing later tonight.

Finally, The Summary & Episode Guide to Bujilli's First Series is now fully assembled and posted. We're finishing-up Summaries & Episode Guides for Series Two, Three and Four and will have them ready to go in a few days. Then we'll be updating all the footers for all the episodes to include links to each of the Quick Indexes, Summaries & Episode well as a few new things such as a Cast of Characters and a post that gives more details on Bujilli's modified spells. we'll also be going over each and every episode and checking the links, fixing the links, and doing a little clean-up so all the formatting is a bit more consistent.

We also posted an old sketch of a character who we've started writing about again.

Next Week
We moved back our post about the Twenty Deadly Planes that form the foundation of a great many attack spells in Wermspittle, the Kalaramar Drifts and points beyond to later next week. We'll have a couple of posts concerning the Gravelands Series, a new Intro for Zalchis as well as a few revised and expanded Zalchis posts dealing with certain Powers and Persons of interest or note. Our posts detailing the Local Authorities in Wermspittle, including the Sewer Militia and Cellar Inspectors is also in the mix, but we're not sure if it will make it into this coming week or the next.

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