Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Infectidrone (Fever Machine) [Mutant Future/Mythos Future]

Infectidrone (Fever-Machine)
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaos
Movement: 120'
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 4*
Attacks: 3 (2 Claws, Toxin or Psychic)
Damage: 1d10/1d10, or Toxin, or Psychic
Save: L3
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: None

Basic MutationsAberrant Form (Yuggothic nanofungi), Neural Telepathy, 1 random additional mutation per Hit Die gained over the initial 4HD.

*Infectidrones gain +1 hit point per victim fully consumed. When they acquire one full hit die over their starting amount, they undergo either fission (becoming two half-powered drones), or mutate into a new model with 1d4 new randomly determined abilities, skills or mutations.
Psychic Attacks: One of the following, determined randomly
[Average WIL= 9-16 (D8+8 ]
  1. Mental Phantasm
  2. Mind Thrust
  3. Possession
  4. Vampiric Field

They do not sleep. Nor do they dream. They survive in vacuum or in a wide range of environments. The infectidrones continually mutate, evolve and refine their abilities, attacks and defenses over time and through exposure to new stimulus. Literally, anything that does not kill them makes them stronger, and even things that kill one might trigger an evolutionary adaptation in any survivors in close proximity.

Horrid, unspeakable amalgams of machine and fungus, their internal organs awash in bizarre viral solutions and genetic transembly sub-systems, the Infectidrones are autonomous weaponized vectors of pestilence made flesh and unleashed upon the populations of the Solar Possessions as a plague incarnate. A million-million plagues incarnate, really, as no two Infectidrones are ever exactly alike and they are continually adapting, evolving and growing into ever stranger, weirder and more horrific things as they accumulate experience, exposure and interaction.

Infectidrones are autonomous cyber-fungal automatons that spontaneously develop from cultures of Quickspores that have been seeded across the inner-reaches of various contested solar systems by the Yuggothians.

Each and every outbreak of Infectidrones quickly evolves into something unique that unleashes any number of radicalized fungal-plagues within closed ecosystems such as habitats, ships or bases.

Range 50' and inflicts 2d10 damage plus one additional damage-effect as rolled from table below:
  1. Make Save or Infected with fever that allows the drone to control victim for 3 rounds (as per Parasitic Control).
  2. Inflicts Reduced Oxygen Efficiency mutation on victim.
  3. Causes Hyper-Hemophilia.
  4. Infiltrates victims inner systems and begins to grow a small nanoscale tumor that will hatch as a Quickspore in 1d100 years (even after death). This has no other obvious effect on the victim.
  5. Victim's skin dissolves into a sticky, wet mass that sloughs off and remains actively toxic for 5d20 years.
  6. Fever One: Victim must Save or loses 1 point of INT per hour, every hour, becoming increasingly irrational and delirious. Should they reach 0-INT they become mindless hot-hosts to ambulatory fungal colonies. If they make their Save 3 times in a row, the fever breaks and either goes dormant (80%) or is purged (10%), or will relapse after 4d20 turns (10%).
  7. Fever Two: Victim must make Save or lose 1d4 CON and their blood becomes infiltrated with spores, allowing them to breathe freely in spore-clouds, but also rendering them effectively demi-fungal and has a base 30% chance to be recognized as non-human by scanners, detectors, spells, mutations, etc.
  8. Fever Three: Victim's bones are converted into a brittle, waxy consistency making them exceptionally prone to limb-breakage. They now must make a Save or else take double damage (60%) or suffer a broken bone (40%) from all melee attacks.
  9. Fever Four: Victim's flesh is rapidly consumed and replaced with fungal tissues. Re-roll all physical stats as though a new character. Every time the new body sustains more than 4 points of damage and manages to heal (at double the previous rate), it gains 1d4 points to apply to the alien consciousness (INT, WIS and CHAR) growing deep within its cells. When/If the fungal body achieves enough of its own personality, it will begin to attempt to take over the character's mind...
  10. Fever Five: roll once on Gorgonmilk's Dungeonfunk Table.
  11. Save at -2 or suffocate within 2d6 turns from choking on rampantly expanding spore-pustules. Sometimes these spores dissolve easily in alcohol (50%), other times they dissolve in oil (40%) or vinegar (10%).
  12. Make Save or else fever results in spontaneous combustion of victim's flesh for an additional 4d10 damage within the next 2d4 turns.

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