Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eye-Beams (Random Table/Sorcery)

The Drala-Thallu, among other creatures, have a randomized eye-beam attack. Sometimes this is best handled as simple damage, so we provide a basic Random Eyebeam Damage Table for that purpose.

Other times you want some sort of effect, something special and malevolent, with or without any real damage, so for that sort of thing we have a second Random Eyebeam Effect Table.

With the Drala-Thallu you get to roll on both tables. Sometimes multiple times. They're just that way.

Random Damage (Roll D20)
  1. 1d4
  2. 2d4
  3. 1d30
  4. 1d6
  5. 1d4+1
  6. 3d4
  7. 1d4X4
  8. 1d10
  9. 2d4+1
  10. 1d8
  11. 3d10
  12. 2d6
  13. 1d6+1
  14. 1d12
  15. 2d6+2
  16. 3d6
  17. 2d10
  18. 2d8
  19. 3d6
  20. 2d12

Random Eyebeam Effect Table
  1. Target stunned for 1d4 turns, save for half effect.
  2. All iron and iron-alloys (like steel) are oxidized into several pounds of rusty flakes. Victim also gets a free bonus roll on the Random Damage Table for the effect of their blood partially oxidizing as well.
  3. Petrification; save or be mineralized.
  4. Disintegration; roll 1d12 for how many inches in diameter the new holes are, then have another roll on the Random Damage Table.
  5. Paralysis; complete and total immobility for 2d4 turns, no save.
  6. Lose 1d4 Wisdom, save or go insane. These points are destroyed and will not come back without a miracle, Wish, etc.
  7. Victim struck blind, save or it is permanent.
  8. Target is reversed, made the opposite of what they were in terms of gender, class, alignment, etc.
  9. Rotification; victim now heals at 1/4 the normal rate, cannot benefit from healing spells, and is covered with a growing, festering mass of oozing sores (-4 Char, Save or loss is permanent due to hideous scarring).
  10. Everything organic on the victim's body dissolves, their body just takes damage, as in another bonus roll on the table above.
  11. Target is completely and thoroughly colorized in one shade, tint or hue all the way through and through.
  12. Victim's skin completely ablated away, exposing all muscles, etc. How embarassing and very, very painful.
  13. All microorganisms within/upon target erupt into a frothy foam of hyper-evolving goo that completely dissolves their body as they acquire a newfound sentience and a peculiar outlook on life that sadly the victim will never share.
  14. Victim affected as by Coagulation spell.
  15. All magical energies within all magical items, devices or weapons on target are spontaneously released; save or potentially be vaporized.
  16. As 15, only for technological devices -- in case target lacks any such items, they are charged with a dissonant surge of crackling green or puce energy that renders them a living, breathing, walking, talking anti-technology nexus; all technological items must make a save or fail, crash or short-out within a 10' radius of this character. Save or this effect is permanent.
  17. Target's bones (or exoskeleton) are converted into a pliable, gelatinous substance no longer suited to supporting their muscles; take two quick rolls off of the Random Eyebeam Damage Table.
  18. Victim rendered completely hairless, their skin now flakes uncontrollably with full-body dandruff.
  19. Entire skeleton is now magnetized.
  20. Unfortunately you are now but a shadow of your former self. Literally.
  21. Target is now the focus-point for a massive thermal* reaction inflicting 1d8 damage to everyone susceptible to fire damage in a 20' radius for 2d4 turns, they take 3d8 damage per turn or take three rolls on the Random Damage Table. Their pick.
  22. Complete deliquesence. Get a mop.
  23. Metallization; target is bronzed, literally. Save or become a metal-encased trophy. Suffocation will only take a few minutes.
  24. Vaporization. Just a puff of rancid smoke is all that remains, unless they make their save, then they are smoldering, take 1 roll on the Random Damage Table and a heavy cloud of smoke rolls off of their charred flesh, filling a 30' square area. Mmmm roast meat...
  25. Lose one point from one stat, victim's choice. Save or this is permanent.
  26. Go to sleep. Cannot be woken for 1d100 days without magical intervention, save to halve that duration.
  27. Target becomes an incubator for a form of yellow mold, or something worse (Ref's Discretion).
  28. Save or all wood and similar plant-derived materials rot away at your touch permanently.
  29. Target's bones are saturated with necromantic energy. Upon dying they will immediately arise as a skeleton. Save and they retain full intelligence and memories (and levels).
  30. Victim affected by a permanent continual light effect, roll for random color.
(We only stopped at 30 for now. There may be a sequel to this table later.)

* Of course this could as easily be a Frigid effect that inflicts cold damage, or any of a multitude of other forms and flavors of energy/damage that you prefer. It'd get awfully boring to add each such option individually to a table that would then be way too long. A third table for energy-types might be useful. We'll consider it for later. Any thoughts?

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