Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flutter Worm (Wermspittle)

Flutter Worm
No. Enc.: 1 (3d12)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 30' (crawling/digging)
              Fly: 120' (flutter*)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1-10
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d3/Hit Die of worm (blood drain)
Save: F1 (plus HD of worm)
Morale: 4

Flutter Worms are slimy, blood-sucking worms that flutter about in the dim shadows of ruined or abandoned buildings, certain mountain caves, or some basements. They are completely instinctual creatures, driven by their appetite for blood and cannot be communicated with, even by way of Animal Affinity or Speak to Animals. Blind and unreasoning, the flutter worm senses both body-heat and the presence of blood. In the wild, they are shy creatures, preferring to lurk unseen in the shadows and wait for things to get quiet before they venture forth to make their attack, often draining the blood of wounded or unconscious victims.

Some flutter worms have learned how to prowl the alleys and roof-tops of urban areas where they find open windows or holes in the roof through which they squeeze and wriggle and flutter in search of sleepers, drunkards, the bed-ridden or incarcerated prisoners to drain without interference.

When a flutter worm successfully bites a victim, they will greedily latch-on and score automatic hits for as long as they stay attached, often draining the victim dry.

Salt does 1d4 damage/turn to a flutter worm and a quantity of salt spread out on the windowsill will usually (80%) deter the things from entering by that means, unless commanded, or they are exceptionally hungry.

Flutter worms are roughly 8 to 10 inches long, gaining approximately 1 inch per hit die and one particular specimen preserved in alcohol at the Tatzelworm Tavern in the low village of Sprungen has achieved some notoriety in reaching a recorded and confirmed length of 22 inches.

*Fluttering is a sort of wriggling aerial motion coupled with a slight blink ability, allowing the flutter worm to suddenly shift 1d12 feet in any random direction at random intervals during the course of their movement.

The following monster was created from the free Public Domain clip-art image of a 'Sea Worm' found at the Public Domain Images section of the Karen's Whimsy site that we recently featured at Old School Heretic as a great resource. The stats we've attached to this revised image are for Labyrinth Lord, but could be adapted to Mutant Future or Humanspace Empires or something else fairly easily.


  1. I see your Flutter worm & raise you a space bovine.

  2. Cool. I like that the Tatzelwurm gets a nod, too.

  3. @Needles: The Space Bovine is cool. Who milks these things?

    @Trey: The Tatzelwurm and some sub-types will be showing up as part of the Wyrmspittle stuff shortly. They're an important creature in those parts...

  4. I haven't forgotten about the scribbles. They just oscillate in remembrance. I see it happening at some near future point.

  5. @Porky: Like we've told everyone else--first come, first served...

  6. I've got just the guys to milk them coming up..soon.
    Better watch out for the predatory version! Their not what you think!


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