Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crannit (Zalchis)

No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 30' (90' directed levitation)
Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 2 (weapon, spells)
Damage: 2d6, weapon
Save: F7 / L7
Morale: 7

Bizarre pseudo-crustacean-like perpetually-levitating beings who inhabit a spectrum of closely resonant planes, the Crannit are patient observers of myriad alternative cosmoses and adjacent universes who know many strange secrets. Each Crannit consciously occupies up to a dozen planes at once, but no two Crannits occupy all the exact same planes as any other. Their senses and perceptions extend across even more planes than they can physically interact with, thus they are very gifted oracles, seers, diviners and prognosticators.

The typical crannit prefers to dwell within places of intense magical energies, such as around Ley-line junctions, sacred sites, ruined temples, abandoned wizard's towers, etc. Crannits are uncannily aware of all manner of energies in their vicinity, their independently mobile eye-stalks can observe matters of interest upon two different planes simultaneously and they automatically Detect Alignment, Detect Lie, Detect Magic, Know Alignment, Read Magic, See Invisible, and will always know when someone is preparing to cast a spell in their immediate vicinity. They also can Plane Shift 3x a day at will, but for some reason they dislike to discuss crannits cannot use Dispel Magic. Ever. They also dislike resorting to Charms or other such coercive magics to get their way. But if they are confronted with no good alternative, they will do so and cope with the shame and revulsion later. Magic trumps morality with the crannit. Every time.

Crannits cast spells of any type or sort as though they were 8th level. They seek out all sorts of arcane lore and knowledge and will gladly exchange spells, trade scrolls, or discuss magical manners with anyone at any time. However, a crannit will attack anyone who seeks to deny it access to some bit of magic that it knows that they are not voluntarily sharing or trading. They can also use any magic item, armor, weapon or device except one that involves the active dispelling of magic.

Crannits also have the ability to digest or imprint spells from scrolls that they are directly observing, meaning that they can remove a spell off of a scroll and replace it with another spell that they know.

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