Monday, November 21, 2011

Crash-Site (Random Table/Any System)

Crash-Site: Table 1 (D20)
  1. Armored war-zeppelin
  2. Zinguthian aerial barge
  3. Time-displaced jet airliner from 1974...
  4. Martian Cylinder (see War of the Worlds for more details)
  5. Radium-fueled flier from Barsoom
  6. Montgolfier-style hot-air conveyance
  7. Just a weather balloon
  8. Wrecked Soyuz capsule (good chance of survivor cosmonaut...)
  9. Hindenburg-style dirigible disaster
  10. Several dozen sets of once-wondrous pitted and corroded bronze wings, their harnesses rotted away,and all enchantment long since diminished to less than an echoing glimmer.
  11. Shards of what were once part of a hyper-sentient crystalline gestalt entity from some far off world.
  12. Delta-winged metal conveyance that once might have had a flexible tentacle or something similar projecting from the front.
  13. A peculiar triangular wedge-shaped object inscribed with odd 'runes.'
  14. Broken remains of a golem constructed in the shape of an air-vessel.
  15. Roc-shaped airship with what were once functionally articulated wings.
  16. Saucer buried deep within a thick patch of ice, even if found in midst of a sweltering jungle.
  17. Orb covered in hexagonal pattern, there can be no doubt but that it came from outerspace. Of course, after anyone notices it, the ship's crew causes it to be buried under a landslide...
  18. Remains of a once gaudy hot air balloon. Beneath the remains of the rotting basket is a single skeleton clutching a fake emerald.

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