Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Damned Things: Table II (D30)

Damned Things: Table II (D30)
  1. (1d100x100) Tiny Pink Jellyfish.
  2. Four tons of wriggling, worm-like larvae.
  3. Fifty-two pounds of inert insect chrysalises so brittle they collapse into papery fragments when touched.
  4. 500 pounds of rotting vegetable matter falls like greasy globs of fat. But there is no rain.
  5. Hundreds of tiny yellow corpuscles that contain a peculiar form of cobalt.
  6. (5d20) off-white spherical masses of some chalky substance.
  7. Gelatinous gray masses accumulate within low-spots until reaching a critical mass of volume at which point they become 1HD Gray Oozes.
  8. Stinky yellow powder that changes coloration over time, but is otherwise useless.
  9. Lumps of gelatinous goo the color and odor of dried, brown varnish.
  10. A flurry of lichen-based 'manna,' fully edible and capable of being stored indefinitely, coats everything like a freak snowstorm.
  11. 600 pounds of ambergris splatters across the area.
  12. A coal-black, leafy mass that falls like snowflakes that are 4d10 inches in diameter, damp and smell disagreeably, like rotten seaweed, but, when dried, the smell wears off. They tear like fibrous paper.
  13. Greenish felt-like matter that tears like paper.
  14. A burning mass of sulfur and limestone fragments crashes into the vicinity.
  15. 4,200 marble-sized balls of some soft and pulpy substance which, upon drying, crumble at the slightest touch.
  16. Black rain falls for 1d10 turns. Once it starts to dry, the fluid becomes a wool-like whitish fiber that seems to be possessed of a rudimentary instinct making it squirm and burrow into the closest patch of soil where it wraps around itself until it can form some weird, alien seed of some sort.
  17. Red snow that melts into an ochre slop that dries into yellowish scab-like crusts that cause plants covered with it to spontaneously sprout branches, runners and roots that produce completely other kinds of plants.
  18. Hundreds upon hundreds of fresh mussels fall out of nowhere--not a cloud to be seen.
  19. Black, capillary matter resembling niter, and that tastes like sugar, falls mingled with rain. After 1d4 hours, the black material will generate a horde of hundreds of tarry-black toads.
  20. A mass of black leaves, having the appearance of burnt paper, but harder, and cohering, and brittle.
  21. (1d100) burned scraps of paper covered in unintelligible hieroglyphics.
  22. Thousands of small, white frog-like things fall with a heavy rain. They quickly dry-out and crumble into whitish ashes within 1d6 turns of the rain ending. The ashes are slightly toxic.
  23. Rain turns into a hail of hot slag and cinders and ashes doing 2d4 damage to anyone caught out in it.
  24. Salt, essentially imperfect cubic crystals of common salt, about 4 tons of it falls over a 6 mile square area.
  25. Olive-gray powder made up of an aggregation of hairs of two kinds, black ones and rather thick white ones. They are mineral fibers, and when burned, they give out a powerfully revolting ammonia smell. Three miles of a fibrous substance like blue silk drapes everything within reach for 1d4 hours before it melts into a sticky residue.
  26. 400 stunned carp fall from the sky. Most are still alive. For now.
  27. Rancid-smelling, yellowish material oozes out of hollow hailstones. This substance is flammable.
  28. (1d6) large, smooth, waterworn, gritty sandstone pebbles pelt the area for no good reason.
  29. Kernels of some hitherto unknown grain come sleeting down mixed with a light hail.
  30. Ragged fragments of a viscous silky/cobweb-like material clutters up anything it can adhere to, including travelers or small animals.

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  1. It's the mix that makes this so impressive, and the way some go off on unexpected paths, like no. 17. There's so much here. At the blog too. Ideas enough for years of play.


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