Wednesday, November 30, 2011


No. Enc.: 1d4 (6d6)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 30' (10')
          Swim: 60' (30')
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 2d8
Attacks: 3 (claw or weapon/tail bash, bite)
Damage: 1d6/1d6/3d4
Save: Special (F4 plus Hit Dice, i.e. 8 HD=save as F12)
Morale: 12

Mutations: Radiation Metabolism, Consume Isotopes, Reflective Epidermis (Base 50% chance of 1d4 additional random mutations)
...voracious predators known to devour entire villages. Ponderous, implacable beings, the Xilmpa will stop at nothing once they are stirred to war, or when their bizarre hungers are aroused...

Xilmpa are huge, hulking, brutish crocodilian warrior-amazons with a taste for uranium. They have lain waste to vast tracts of land, destroyed countless castles or citadels, and enslaved thousands of their opponents in order to have them mine the mineral that they crave above all else and despite the terrible effects their depredations inflict upon the land and the native populace.

Xilmpa are immune to any/all fear, confusion or suggestion effects. Likewise they are not only resistant to radiation, they derive sustenance and physical power from radioactive substances such as uranium. It is unclear what, if any effect plutonium, neptunium or other, similar isotopes might have on Xilmpa metabolisms. But they will certainly kill hundreds of slaves in order to try out such mineral delicacies.

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