Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unnamed Monster: You Do The Name and Stats

The above artwork is officially declared Public Domain. It is now YOURS, freely and clearly. We have surrendered our claims/rights to this image.

This thing is neither named nor statted, so we're inviting folks to name this monster and stat it up for whichever retro-clone, official edition or whatever rules-set you like, and let us know what you've come up with, if you'd be so kind.

The image and creature is yours to use freely on your blog, or even in your game or whatever you want, hopefully you name it something cool and add some stats for the system you prefer and let us know about it.

Please give it a good home.

All we are asking is that you let us know where you've posted the name/stats so we can include a link below. Maybe, if we get more than 3 or 4 sets of stats, we'll run a poll and let readers vote for the one they like the most. It would be fun to see how many different rules-sets we can get stats from for this critter.

The PNG version is here: http://www.box.com/s/lmivz8upioafj2983hhl
The Jpeg version is here: http://www.box.com/s/vsf39vgj0ldxzn7svm9n

If you need a different format, let us know and we'll do what we can.

The Monster has been spotted at the following blogs:


  1. Matthew over at Rended Press has a similar 'Stat The Monster' post which you can find here.

  2. Something materialises... It's... It's... No!


  3. @Porky: Very cool--this critter ought to fit into quite a few rules sets or systems...or at least it has been saying so when no one else is around...

  4. The mutated Trarkku:


  5. @Drune: Very nice! We'll have something to add to this next week...

  6. For D&D, 4th Edition, may I present the Calis, demon chickens of Pazuzu! http://stuffershack.com/calis-avian-demon-steal-this-monster/

  7. @ScorpiusDM: Wow--the Calis is quite a monster. Nice to see this is crossing-over into something very cool like the Calis. Demon-Chickens Rock! Stuffer Shack looks like a great site!


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