Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grobbly-Bonk [minor demon]

Since the illustration for this particular critter is in Fight On! Issue 12 (page 42), we thought that we'd offer some Labyrinth Lord stats for the thing, just in case anyone was interested...just keep in mind that this is not a terribly pleasant entity to encounter in a dank basement or some musty attic...

Grobbly-Bonk the Gluttonous
No. Enc.: 1 (unique)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90'
Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 1 (Bite or Claw or spell-like ability)
Damage: 3d4 (bite), 2d4 (claw)
Save: F8
Morale: 7

A typical Grobbly-Bonk demon can cast the following spells as natural abilities:

     Detect Magic, Read Magic, Read Languages, Detect Alignment at will.
     Darkness, ESP and Locate Object X3/day
     Cause Fear and Putrefy Food and Drink, X1/day.
     Curse X1/week.

Unless restricted by a Magic Circle or bound by a spell, the Grobbly-Bonk automatically returns to his home plane within 3d6 hours after being summoned.

The basic outline of how to summon Grobbly-Bonk is fairly common knowledge and is contained in numerous different grimoires in more or less accurate and complete versions. Magic Users and sorcerers are prone to call upon this foul thing primarily because this type of demon works for large quantities of meat, consuming 4d6 x 100 pounds of raw meat on average. Luckily, that meat can be in any condition, and come from nearly any source as the Grobbly-Bonk are not very picky eaters. This makes them ideal first-time conjurings for would-be demonologists and summoners, allowing them to call forth something that probably won't automatically outwit them and demand exorbitant sacrifices, servitude and other such nonsense.

Once well-fed, the demon will attempt to perform whatever task is required of it to the best of its rather limited abilities and notoriously deficient intelligence (roll 3d4 and subtract 2 for both INT and WIS...). Hopefully it will be able to complete the task before being returned to its plane of origin.

No one has successfully identified the specific plane from which the Grobbly-Bonks come. It is suspected by most ranking demonologists that anyone who has managed to locate the plane has summarily been eaten. This has understandably had a chilling effect on further academic inquiries into the matter.

Grobbly-Bonks are particularly well-skilled in locating lost objects and will often scratch a crude version of a treasure map into the floor or wall where they are summoned whether they are requested to do so or not. These maps invariably neglect to show any possible traps and often leave out important details, but they are always 100% accurate in terms of what they do show.


  1. Yes I'm interested, thanks very much!

  2. @Needles: Just be careful; this creature's evil is all about the slippery slope that comes with ease-of-use and apparent utility at apparent low cost. they might not be as simple-minded as they appear...and no one knows whom they serve and as you know almost all demons tend to serve someone else...usually someone higher up in the food chain...


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