Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oneiric Web

Some spells are more of a nuisance than they are worth. Others tend to take on a life of their own after being cast forth into the world. Reworking the underpinnings of reality, revising Nature itself to suit one's whims or fancies is at the very heart of fiction, art and sorcery.

But the heat of the moment passes. The dire, immediate need for some sort of intervention comes and goes, leaving behind the remains of hastily scripted, urgently empowered expressions of the imagination that most often are then abandoned. Left behind. So much debris and psychic after-birth, to be ignored and forgotten.

But not all such vestiges of such dramatic reworkings of WhatIs into WhatOughtToBe dissipate quietly into oblivion. Some things linger.

Oneiric Web is a modified form of a fairly common, even standard spell most every sorcerer or spell-caster has run across even if they don't include it in their personal repertoire. Where the more basic, preliminary form creates a barrier composed of sticky strands of non-silk, the Oneiric Web is made-up of coagulated dream-stuff. It can, and often does cling to the physical realm, at least for a short while, but it really and truly comes into its own as a defense or hindrance within the Dreamspaces and Oneiric Realms where it adheres to the vague outlines of half-formed shadows, entangles the ambivalent lineaments of dream-things, and serves the caster as a bulwark against the intrusion of figments, nightmares and grue-ful things.

But unlike the more mundane webs cast within the physical realms, Oneiric Webs persist on the peripheries of consciousness, slowly fading in and out of the personal dream-regions of their casters, to drift over into the vast underworld of the collective unconscious where they get tangled up with nameless and unknown things, forming weird connectors and strange attractors deep below the horizon of consciousness.

To those who've ventured deep enough to observe these irrational structures they appear to form some sort of loosely defined region of some indefinable sort.

Perhaps there is something to the wild claims that this is where the Veilsects originate?

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