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Bujilli: Loot, Coins and Other Stuff

Last Updated: 12 August, 2014

  • Bujilli began with a set of Little Brown Journals that he stole from his Uncle. They are diaries, note-books and grimoires left behind by Bujilli's father. Each Journal contains a number of spells and Bujilli can use them to acquire new spells...when he has the time to study them in detail...
  • In Episode 9, Bujilli made a set of six rubbings from the strange glyphs carved into the arch opening into Area 8. So far, Bujilli is unsure about the language or meaning of these glyphs, but they held a distinctly sorcerous imprint and are worth later study/scrutiny. This is exactly the sort of thing that Bujilli's uncle would demand that he bring back...
  • In Episode 10, Bujilli acquired a small sack of Dreamsnail teeth and a nice selection of Dreamsnail shell-pieces that he harvested from the last Dreamsnail to attempt to eat him. The actual value of these things will depend on where and with whom he attempts to trade them...but based upon his prior experience and childhood training, these things are potentially very valuable.
  • As detailed in Episode 20, Bujilli has a number of offers for his dreamsnail shells and other bits and pieces that he's acquired in his travels. Hedrard may have several hundred ducats ready for him, in exchange for the dreamsnail shells and related samples...once they get thigns negotiated once and for all...
  • Bloodthreads; in Episode 24, Bujilli had several bloodthreads extracted from a wound he sustained in fighting with Lemuel. The wound was poisoned, but not with a toxic agent, but rather with a physical agent, the bloodthreads physically kept the wound open and bleeding. Hedrard the hag removed the bloodthreads and Bujilli kept one flexglass vial of the nasty things, just in case they might come in handy later.
  • Hedrard's Amulet...a small violet gem set within a silver hoop criss-crossed with gold filaments...allows Hedrard to monitor Bujilli at a distance...acquired voluntarily in Episode dissolved into invisibility in Episode 27.
  • In Episode 33 Bujilli expunged the werms from Sharisse, one of the would-be assassins who had tried to ambush him in the Beast Pens. The ashes of the werms were compressed into a scintillating black pearl by the green flames he used to purge the things. The pseudo-pearl might still retain some sort of sorcerous sympathy or other subtle connection to the Wermic Host...
  • Leeja gave Bujilli a few strands of her hair that formed into a ring that allows her to sense his location as in Episode 35.
  • Six miscellaneous Gonnes, complete with bandoliers, ammunition, powder, etc. recovered from various would-be assassins in Episode 34 and Episode 35.  [SOLD to Schroedinger in Episode 50]
  • Shards of a Crystal Skull; In Episode 38, Bujilli was successful in ambushing a levitating Crystal Skull and smashing it into a dozen razor-sharp fragments that may or may not still have some sorcerous use.
  • Also in Episode 38, Bujilli acquired a contraband Galvanic Torch stolen from an undisclosed Sewer Militia arsenal. The serial number has been defaced, but the weapon can still be identified by a Quartermaster or clerk, given a bit of time. There is a reward for returning such things. UPDATE:Upon learning about the trail of toxic spores left in the wake of the fungi-infested cadavers sent through the lower Domed Chamber by the Fungal Tyrant located farther down one of the Lateral Passages of his Keep (see Episode 44), Idvard quickly bought the Glavanic Torch from Bujilli for 1,000 silver marks and immediately sent a worker-drone down there to burn away any and all lingering traces of the fungus.
  • In Episode 39 Bujilli had a filthy, antique Arquebus added to his loot by Idvard who did not want to hold onto the dirty, dangerous thing.
  • In Episode 41 Bujilli found a new Short Bow and a set of 6 barbed arrows, the heads made from cold iron and fletched with thin vanes of a strange yellow metal.
  • Leeja picked-up 4 wickedly-barbed Grunter-style black-iron javelins in Episode 42.
  • Two translucent blue-metal shaft crystal lamp-staves were acquired in Episode 44. These light-weight lamp-staves provide a slightly actinic blue radiance to a radius to 30' as a default. There are a series of dials on the lamps that allow the user to make them brighter/dimmer, extend/diminish their range of effect, etc. The shafts of these lamps are collapsible and easily stored. Bujilli's lamp-staff was recovered by Leeja while he rested. Leeja currently has both lamp-staves folded-away in her travel-pouch. Just in case.
  • Bujilli and Leeja were paid six pounds of Pink Salt, 120 silver coins, and a spell each by Idvard at the completion of their first contract with Idvard as of Episode 49. Neither have claimed the new spell, so far. They both were able to acquire 1d6 small but extremely well-crafted tools from the blacksmith/armorer workshops beneath Idvard's Keep.
  • Idvard's Ring -- This item serves as a token of Idvard's arrangement on Bujilli's behalf for Urmigan to provide him with 20 Basic Drones that Bujilli can then customize as he sees fit. Also from Episode 49.

  • 120 Silver Coins (Triangular, Three-fingered hand on front, three-eyed-flame-thing on back) =Bujilli
  • 120 Silver Coins (Oval, whirlpool-motif on one side, serpentine lamia-esque figure on other side, edge is slick and black, whole coin is smooth and has an almost waxy look to it, but is good silver) =Leeja
  • 1,000 Silver Marks (Octagonal, Morlock-sphinx face on heads-side, gauntleted-fist and three runes on obverse) =Bujilli
  • 400 Silver Mark Banknotes (Issued by Templar's Trust, 1123, backed by Imperial fund at Utrivalle, Kroshmai at Yudovan) from Hedrard in Episode 26
  • 6 Antique square electrum coins , most likely of Prozik origin. Paid in exchange for the gonnes in Episode 50. =Leeja

  • In Episode 6 Bujilli picked-up a strange device from one of the alcoves near the Miasmagaster's lair: "The one closest to the passage that led off to the miasmagaster's gruesome den had something shiny in the back of it partly buried under some old tatters and dried bones. Bujilli jumped up into the alcove and pried the shiny-thing out of the dirt and debris. It was a curiously shaped hand-tool of some sort. Partly tubular, partly cylindrical, with a definite handle. Maybe it was a weapon. He wasn't sure, so he slipped it into his pack." So far, this item has not been examined in any real detail.
  • In Episode 19 Bujilli has a Counsel imprinted into his bones. Counsel is a personalized interactive guide and advisor. It is part of what it refers to as Bujilli's 'human Inheritance.'
  • Also in the above Episode, going along with Counsel's advice, Bujilli had the Transveyance mechanism load an Atlas App into his Counsel, effectively giving him access to a map/guide to the networks of gates and portals between worlds then currently known to the Transveyance.
  • Gnosiomandus formally accepted Bujilli as his personal student as of Episode 20, contingent upon his getting Registered and making it through the Entrance Exams.
  • As of Episode 20, Sprague issued a preliminary voucher waiving Bujilli's library fees and granting him access as a guest to the Oneirical Studies Section in the East Wing of the Academy at Wermspittle. This voucher is waiting in Room 303. Hedrard advised against accepting it--she considered it to be a legal trick or possibly some sort of test: Sprague was either trying to cheat Bujilli, or determine how clever he really is...or maybe it was just a whim...and now it is known that the 'Sprague' they were dealing with then was in fact an imposter...
  • Beatrice Eberhard personally posted Bujilli's bond for the Entrance Exams as of Episode 25. This is an extremely rare thing. Only two other students have received this honor previously.
  • Hedrard's Voucher from Episode 26It waives all Library fees, waives the first year's lab fees, entitles Bujilli to a private locker, and grants him free access to all non-restricted areas of the Academy.
  • In Episode 29 we learn a little bit about Atrishka's kiss-mark, a spiritual scar that Bujilli carries from some previous ...encounter... with a demoness his Uncle had kept locked-up as a prisoner in his yurt...
  • Contract with Idvard from Episode 41 granting Bujilli & Leeja both access to the private library at Idvard's Keep for life. Includes the right to study, copy and acquire any/all spells available as they wish. No restrictions.

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