Wednesday, November 21, 2012


No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 4+3
Attacks: 1 (Bite or weapon)
Damage: 3d4 or by weapon
Save: F5
Morale: 14 at night, 3 in daylight

Special: Frumes assume gaseous form freely, taking 1d4 turns to fully transition from one state to the other. They are susceptible to damage by fire in either form, taking double damage from fire-based attacks if struck during their transition from one form or the other. Even while in gaseous form a Frume can be detected thanks to the foul reek that they give off continually. The stench of Frume is so terrible that it can cause cattle to stampede, flocks to scatter, and even well-trained dogs to run away howling. (Optional: Treat Frume-Stench as a -6 penalty to Morale checks.)

Note: Anyone struck by a Frume is afflicted with a horrid stench for 1d4 days afterward...

Horrid, six-eyed brutes with despicable habits, the Frume are nocturnal scavengers who wander from farm to farm looking for things to eat. They're not particularly picky eaters. Anything they can catch, they will try to eat. What they cannot eat is of no interest to them.

The lingering stench of a Frume takes 1d4 days to dissipate, given a good breeze. Vinegar can help mitigate the stink, but so far no one has concocted a suitable remedy for washing away the foul scent.


  1. The image does a great job of backing this up. It feels a touch X-Filey and the idea of players sneaking about across the landscape at night to deal with one is very attractive.

    1. Even in the dark, these things are real easy to track thanks to the horrid stench. But finding one isn't the challenge. Driving them off can be messy. Some of the creatures can be a bit unstable during their transition, even explosive, depending on what all they've been eating lately...


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