Friday, November 9, 2012

Bujilli: Quick Index to Series Three (Episodes 37-49)

"Hereticwerks takes a beloved old school-inspired system - Laybrinth Lord - and runs with it, throwing off childish things. In the process, Bujilli completely escapes the nostalgia trap of 70s-inspired gaming. Bujilli's about making difficult choices with limited tools, resources, and information. Bujilli's about MAKING something of oneself, by trying to make the world better place."
John Till

A Quick Introduction to Series Three
It all begins when Bujilli and Leeja fall through a roof at the very end of Episode 36 and they find themselves confronted with an irate three-eyed levitating librarian who is none too amused by their sudden intrusion upon his secrete cache of proscribed and banned books. The floor falls out from under the clandestine library. Vicious, illiterate harpies come in through the hole in the roof, determined to ruin all the terrible books. four students up to some questionable extracurricular activities get involved. A demonic Crystal Skull gets involved. Treachery. Mayhem. things seem to settle down only to find bujilli & Leeja crossing-over to an Alternate Wermspittle via a Weak Point and helping Idvard, the Triloo librarian to secure his newfound Keep. Oh and did we mention a family reunion of sorts? More treachery. Dungeoncrawling. A discussion of subterranean siege tactics. An inhuman army is thwarted(?) A child is born. A family is reunited. A Keep reclaimed. This Series has a lot going on in only thirteen episodes!

Bujilli Series Three: Finder's Keepers
Quick Index (Episodes 37-49)

Series Indexes
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Episode Guides
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Series Three (Episodes 37-49)
Series Four (Episodes 50-68)
Series Five (Episodes 69-99)
Series Six(Episodes 100-ongoing)

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