Monday, November 12, 2012

1140 (Art Every Day Month Challenge 2012)

This piece is part of an ongoing series inspired by William Hope Hodgson's incredible novel The Night Land. It is also my Twelfth piece for the Art Every Day Month Challenge hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas, the instigator behind the Creative Every Day Challenge.


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    1. Yeah, it's a bit dark and all that, but this is one of the pieces that I was working on today. I hope to get the chance to do some speed-painting and a cartoon or two before the month is out...

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    1. Yes. There are others. It is all a series. I'm wrapping-up work on some other projects before diving back into this project. I made a few sketches, and I have been collecting textures, photos and scans to use in building this series, which will probably be a big project for after the New Year. I could make it into a regular series, possibly posting once a month as things get going, then increasing the number of posts as more stuff gets done. I want to incorporate more actual painting/multi-media into this series.

    2. Oh, and Yes, there are others, but they are all in various stages of done-ness, so I'm holding off on sharing them for right now. I have been working on some of the Presences off-and-on. I'll try to get something finished enough to share this coming week, if I can.

      Thanks for dropping by, and for the comments. It is good to know that there is some interest in this series...

    3. Please excuse the multiple entries: this is due to my unfamiliarity with the blog interface. Didn't realize it was moderated, thought it was not posting for some reason. . .

      Interest? Yes, I run and I'm always on the lookout for new artistic treatments of The Night Land.

      Is this meant to be one of the Watchers, or is it a pic of one of the more immaterial Evil Force type thingies?

      Either way, it's effective, and clever, but depending on what it is meant to be it is clever in different directions, if you see what I mean.

      Can I link to your work from I'd like to put a note on the site log to direct people here..

    4. No worries. Sorry about the delay; we tend to take weekends off from the internet when we can, and yes the comments are moderated. The alternative has proven disruptive or worse.

      The quote I was working from was from the section where the narrator goes towards the Leser Pyrmid/Redoubt and discovers it is just not going to happen:
      "And surely, when I was come that I could see the grimness of the Lesser Pyramid, going upward very desolate and silent into the night, lo! an utter shaking fear did take me; for the sweet cunning of my spirit did know that there abode no human in all that great and dark bulk; but that there did await me there monstrous and horrid things that should bring destruction upon my soul. And I went downward of the hill, very quiet in the darkness; and so in the end, away from that place."

      I am working on a series that will feature the Watchers, Presences, etc. This first piece was a test and a way to get comfortable with the format, which I may revise a bit going forward. The first poster is 7"x11"/300dpi. That reduces down nicely for the blog, but I am considering working larger on the rest, going to something closer to 16"x20" or maybe 12"x36", both of which present nice big areas to work within and make for good posters.

      Feel free to link away--I will post the rough mock-up of the poster for this image later today. I'm also working on a Nightland Adventure that might be of interest to you...

      I have not been by your site in a long time. Later on today I will have to drop by and reacquaint myself with it. Thanks for contacting us--you've helped move the Nightland/Hodgson projects a bit farther up the To-Do pile...

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    1. We'll be posting other pieces in this particular series after the New Year.


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