Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bujilli: Quick Index to Series Two (Episodes 20-39)

"Endlessly inventive and wonderously weird. It's like every D&D game oughta be but few are."

A Quick Introduction to Series Two
Bujilli entered Wermspittle at the end of Series One, Episode 19. He crossed-over from the ruins below Zormur's Palace right into the private study of Gnosiomandus, and thus began Bujilli's journey into the weird urban wilderness of Wermspittle's Academy as he encounters Mistress of Admissions Beatrice Eberhard, the hag teratologist Hedrard, the unfortunate Lemuel and others. But no one he meets in Wermspittle will affect Bujilli quite like the white-haired girl Leeja...

Bujilli Series Two: Welcome to Wermspittle
Quick Index (Episodes 20-39)

Series Indexes
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Episode Guides
Series One (Episodes 1-19)
Series Two (Episode 20-36)
Series Three (Episodes 37-49)
Series Four (Episodes 50-68)
Series Five (Episodes 69-99)
Series Six(Episodes 100-ongoing)

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