Monday, November 12, 2012


No. Enc.: 1d4 (2d6)
Alignment: Chaotic (Neutral)
Movement: 60' (20')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 1-8 (possibly higher*)
Attacks: 2 (may consist of using 2 wands at once)
Damage: 2d6/2d4 (or Wand Effect)
Save: as MU level equal to HD
Morale: 6 (re-rolls every other turn)

Special: Aegogur Move Silently (30%) gaining +4% per HD over 1. They also Detect Wands within a 120' radius, but must remain silent and motionless to do so. Aegogur are master craftsfolk skilled in the arts and sciences of making and restoring wands. They do not teach non-Aegogur their trade secrets. They never part willingly with a wand once they have claimed it.

Aegogur slither and wend their way quietly, carefully along the dim, dark by-ways and passages of old ruins, deserted outposts, and dead cities in search of wands. Diligent in their pursuit of their chosen treasure, they pass-over most other forms of loot in order to find even a modest, used-up or broken wand, which they will then devote themselves to restoring, recharging and using in their search for still more wands.

Civilized artisans of a sensitive disposition, the Aegogur are also a migratory species, transitioning from one plane or Adjacent World to another. They advance as magic-users (level=HD), molting and shedding their skins as they grow slightly larger, longer with each level/HD gained. Upon attaining the eighth level they undergo a period of prolonged torpor within a translucent gold-tinged chrysalis. These chrysali are tougher than steel and much sought after as raw material for the crafting of exceptional armors usable by spell-casters. The Aegogur have been known to trade the discarded chrysali, but they tend to be rather one-sided in their demands.

No one is certain just what exactly emerges from the chrysali of the Aegogur. Whatever their adult form might be, they prefer to keep it a secret. A secret they are willing to kill to keep...


  1. I really like the idea of metamorphosing creatures. Other than the Dragonnewt I can't think of too many right now. But given all of the invertebrate monsters out there, there ought to be more than a few...

    1. I'm a big fan of metamorphosizing critters. We have several varieties already available and more on the way. Not just invertebrates either. Several of the core species involved in Talibarr and in the Kalaramar Drifts are extremely prone to various forms of directed or involuntary metamorphosis, so this is a theme you'll see us returning to a good deal over the next few months...

  2. Not only is the metamorphosis aspect cool, but the secrecy regarding the adult form is good adventure fodder!


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