Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Worldboats: Cerebronates

They know a great deal. Perhaps too much for anyone's good.

The faces they wear are not necessarily their own.

They're rather intrigued by faces.

Especially those faces that are for sale or available for rent.

An entire clandestine market has grown up around the Cerebronates' obsession and fascination with faces, fueled by their need to constantly acquire fresh new faces.

They keep their collections well hidden, behind encrypted nexii and hardened aneurosms, neither of which they create for themselves. But they do know how to access and make use these peculiar spaces.

They claim it is because they remember the Builders.

The Quorrin dispute this claim, but only under their simulated breath.

The Cerebronates consider the Quorrin to be merely jealous.


But the Quorrin retain a slightly more physical presence upon the Worldboats. They proudly possess limbs and opposable digits and manipulate things on a physical level.

The Cerebronates prefer to manipulate things on a more subtle level.

This might be what makes the two factions such rivals.


  1. Cool. It raises more questions than it answers. In the best way.

  2. Like this: how big are these heads? For that matter, how big are the Techno-Heads?

  3. @Trey: Thanks. This has been a fun, if strange project right from the get-go.

    @John Till: The head of a Crebronate is suitable for it to adopt a mask as depicted above, so they're slightly bigger than a human-oid head, or at least some of them are. There are very likely several sub-varieties of Cerebronate floating about the interior endocologies of each Worldboat. The Techno-Heads are definitely bigger, on average, some reaching the girth and mass of medium-sized whales...depending on how well they can forage for suitable provender...

  4. Strange and fun is right. I think the setup here reflects the whole project in some way - the monolithic meeting the finespun, uncertain and mysterious images and a more solid pulpy impact. It's a very open creative space, with something for many tastes, and an invitation to make more and new. This is a good reawakening of the passion. I'm getting the urge to reenter too...

  5. @Porky: The Worldboats are wide open. We'll have a few more posts to share based on our explorations over the next few weeks. Then we'll see where it all goes next...


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