Sunday, July 15, 2012

Street Encounters III (Wermspittle)

Random Street Encounters III (D30)
  1. (1d3) Giant Throttler Spiders looking for easy prey to hoist up onto the rooftop with their webs. One of them has a smear of blue paint on their head. They have been raised and trained by a member of the Blue Tuques to seek out and harass anyone with Sewer Militia insignia.
  2. (3d12) Stirges swarming angrily around their ruined nest that someone has thoughtfully dislodged form under an old wagon.
  3. (2d4) Giant Gutter Toads chasing a flock of goats that had been left to graze in an abandoned garden. Either a Toad or a Goat crashes down from the edge of the roof. 
  4. A decrepit Vampire Ignoble rides past in a sealed carriage driven by a pair of Lurm in dark red hoods.
  5. (1d6) Carnivorous Beetles attack from their nest within an old well in a disused courtyard.
  6. Street repair crew has this area cordoned-off. 3d4 Sewer Militia are watching over the progress.
  7. Caravan: 70% they are leaving, 30% just arriving.
  8. (1d4) Local Merchants. All of them are cranky and irritable. Apparently someone has taken to defacing their windows with anti-Hallerian screeds...which is attracting all the wrong sorts of attention.
  9. (1d4) Experts & Specialists from the Academy are carrying on a heated argument while enroute to a particularly dingy rathskellar where they are to meet an agent of one of their foreign colleagues whom they all thought was dead.
  10. (2d4) Skeletons march past in the antique bronze armor of the Honor Guard. They each are equipped with a combat parasol to shield them from sunlight, should they be required to operate in the day time.
  11. Street Performers. (40% chance of pick-pocket attempt). They're not very good. The disgruntled audience breaks up within 5 minutes of them beginning their act.
  12. Peddler (20%), Tinker (20%), Unlicensed Vendor (40%), Con Artist (20%).
  13. (1d4) Bone Gatherers, (30%) chance to have 1d4 crippled pack-geese as beasts of burden.
  14. (1d4) Beggars keep an eye on things from their various perches and designated corners. Someone has paid them a small fee in order to watch for someone resembling one or more of the Player Characters.
  15. Wall collapses. Save or take 3d4 damage from falling masonry and rubble. 10% chance to be buried, requiring 1d4 turns to be dug out.
  16. The Lone Survivor of an ambushed party of travelers comes riding in, very badly wounded...
  17. Roof War between rival gangs. Violence spills over onto street. (40% chance to collapse roof.)
  18. Thief attempts to steal something from party. Base 70% Con-artist, 30% brute force mugging.
  19. A large, roving band of deserters has been sighted in the valley below the Lesser Keep. Even the Sewer Militia has been called out as this is a former company of sappers and they appear to be digging a siege-tunnel into the city. 30% chance of anyone with a weapon being 'recruited.'
  20. Fire breaks out in a nearby building. 30% chance it is abandoned.
  21. Group of (3d4) peasants wandering the streets trying to find someone to help them...
  22. (1d6) Mercenaries, on their way out to deal with some local bandits. They're hoping to negotiate a better rate of pay from the bandits than what they've just received from their current employer.
  23. (1d4) Gargoyle-hunters. (80% chance they are wounded, 60% chance they are drunk.)
  24. (1d4) Constables on casual patrol with (2d4) Xelen guards.
  25. Roof collapses on abandoned building. [30% chance building had something in it.]
  26. Lone Survivor walks past. They ignore you. They also are in the final-stages of becoming a Shrouded. Watch out for the so-called 'saffron tears.'
  27. Event or New Arrival.
  28. (1d6) Locals (see LocalsNPCs, or Experts)
  29. (1d4) Mumblers are wandering about looking for a possible master. They insist on trying-out or auditioning for any spell-caster they encounter...
  30. Special.
* Sewer Militia (Day Shift): 1D4 2nd level fighters, max. HP, studded leather armor, heavy crossbows and cold-iron short swords. Most also carry 1d4 random tools (hammers, chisels, small shovels, pry-bars, etc.) They are forbidden to carry money while on duty.

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