Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Street Encounters I (Wermspittle)

Street Encounters in Wermspittle: Table I (D30)
  1. Roll once on Damned Things Table II.
  2. (2d6) Ractur have dug out a hiding-spot just above average human head-height. They lurk in this dim little burrow within the crumbling wall of an empty apothecary shop, patiently watching as everyone goes by, waiting for night to come so they can sneak out and work mischief among the merchants, caravans, and feuding bands of looters.
  3. (1d3) Giant Roof Spiders looking for easy prey to hoist up onto the rooftop with their webs.
  4. (3d12) Stirges swarming angrily around their ruined nest that someone has thoughtfully dislodged from under an old wagon.
  5. (2d4) Giant Gutter Toads chasing a flock of goats that had been left to graze in an abandoned garden.
  6. (1d6) Carnivorous Beetles have just driven a group of (2d4) Feral Children from their nest within an old well in a disused courtyard.
  7. Street repair crews have this area cordoned-off. 3d4 Sewer Militia are watching over the progress.
  8. Caravan. [70% they are leaving, 30% just arriving.]
  9. (1d4) Local Merchants have gathered outside the shopfront of a recently deceased colleague in order to pay their respects.
  10. (1d4) Experts/Specialists from the Academy are looking for a few things on the list that their mentor gave them. They are not to return without these 3d4 items which appear to be only so much Questionable Trinkets and Trash.
  11. 2d4 Skeletons march past in bronze armor under cover of magical darkness. These Honor Guard members are pursuing a pair of Refugees who pilfered another broken-down old crypt...only this time there are 3d10 Refugees waiting in ambush for the Honor Guard...
  12. Street Performers. (40% chance of pick-pocket attempt)
  13. Peddler (20%), Tinker (20%), Unlicensed Vendor (40%), Con Artist (20%).
  14. (1d4) Bone Gatherers, (30%) chance to have 1d4 starveling dogs as pets/guards.
  15. (1d6) Beggars.
  16. Wall collapses. Save or take 3d4 damage from falling masonry and rubble. 10% chance to be buried, requiring 1d4 turns to be dug out.
  17. Survivor of an ambushed party of travelers comes riding in, very badly wounded...
  18. Roof War between rival gangs. Violence spills over onto street. (40% chance to enrage a Roof Lizard no one knew was sunning itself behind a piece of crumbling facade.)
  19. Street Thief attempts to steal something from party in broad daylight as they casually pass by.
  20. Giant sighted in valley below the Lesser Keep. Militia called out. 30% chance of being 'recruited.'
  21. Fire breaks out in a nearby building. 50% chance it is abandoned.
  22. (3d4) group of peasants wandering the streets trying to find someone to help them...
  23. (2d6) Mercenaries, on way out to deal with some local bandits.
  24. (1d4) down on their luck Vampire-hunters calling on people to join them in ridding themselves of one or another Noble that they suspect of being a vampire or in league with even worse things. (60% chance they are drunk, 70% chance they are working for some rival undead faction.) No one takes these losers very seriously.
  25. (1d4) Constables on casual patrol with (2d4) minion-guards.
  26. Roof collapses on abandoned building. [30% chance building had something in it.]
  27. (1d4) Puritans marking down likely looking nest-sites and generally disapproving of everything they see. [20% chance of (1) Witchfinder accompanied by (1d4) fanatical ecclesiastic-soldiers.]
  28. Special Event or New Arrival.
  29. (1d6) Locals or Unusual NPCs.
  30. (1) Illigom preaching sedition, insurrection and treason to anyone who will listen. Illigom has one or more Companions in crowd.
*Sewer Militia (Day Shift): 1d4 2nd level fighters, max. HP, studded leather armor, heavy crossbows and cold-iron short swords. Most also carry 1d4 random tools (hammers, chisels, small shovels, pry-bars, etc.) They are forbidden to carry money while on duty.

 Welcome to Wermspittle 


  1. Wermspittle in all its dangerous and weird glory. Excellent!

  2. This is why we summer in the villa/bunker outside of town.

  3. @Trey: Glad you like it. We are doing a lot of tables for each of our settings. For Wermspittle specifically, we revised and rebuilt all of our existing Street and Alley Encounter tables. Each one of these that we've done leads to more tables that need to get done, and we'll be posting the monsters listed soon as well. all these tables will go into the concordance we're building so we can better run the place for our play-test groups...

    And yes, we're running Wermspittle live, face-to-face, so we need a few more things ready for this next session, hence these tables...

    @Jasons: An excellent tradition carried on by fewer and fewer Landed Gentry and others of elevated social rank. Every Spring, right before the Revels kick into high gear, each Lineage or brood sends out a company of mercenaries and retainers to reclaim one of the old fortified estates surrounding Wermspittle. Each such place has been lovingly sealed and warded to keep out vagrants and the like, but no matter the best intentions or most ruthless preparations, there are things that do manage to get inside to make nests or dens. Sometimes the places can be so infested and over-grown by inimical, inhuman things that it is necessary to burn them to the ground. Then the Families cast about for a new Summer Abode and the real fighting begins...


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