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No. Enc.: 2d4 (4d6)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 60' (20')
          Free Climb: 120'
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 2
Damage: 2d4, 2d4 (Hacker)
Save: F4 (F6 vs Poisons)
Morale: 9 (11 vs. All Spiders/Arachnids)

Nirlocks are dour, taciturn and tight-lipped humanoids who live entirely underground where they hunt down and kill all manner of spiders and other such arachnids as their primary food-source. Their doughy-gray flesh is uniformly bland and colorless, tasteless and highly resistant to poison, venom or acid. (Nirlock hide is used by some to store some of the more volatile toxins...)

They see extremely well in the dim recesses and dark spaces below (darkvision/Infravision, 120'), but their beady little eyes have also adapted to allow them to see the thinnest gossamer webs and the traces left by the delicate pads of arachnid claws. The traces of a spider's passage are clearly picked out in a sort of fluorescence only visible to the Nirlocks, allowing them to Detect Spiders/Webs with a high degree of accuracy.

Nirlocks are consummate masters of working with the many and varied grades and types of chitin recovered from their chosen prey. They fabricate tough chitin-and-silk cables, chitin armors equivalent or better than standard leathers (often more supple and better fitting), and a variety of small containers, carrying cases, scroll-tubes, and the like, all of which they will gladly sell to those who show them the flash of coins before the glint of blades. Nirlock flasks and water-sacks are exceptionally durable and resistant to tampering, thus they are much sought-after by the Sewer Militia and other underground adventurers and explorers.

The goggle-and-mask helmets that the Nirlocks wear constantly allow them to breathe even in the most polluted, poisonous chambers or passages. Each mask is carved and molded into some sort of vaguely demonic-looking caricature based upon traditional Nirlock folklore. They never sell their helmets. Each one is hand-crafted and custom-fitted to the wearer. A few explorers who have befriended small bands of Nirlocks claim to have been gifted with their own helmets, but most of those are locked away in warded cabinets or museums and kept out of the damaging, degrading light of the sun.

Some few Nirlocks have begun to appear in the streets and alleys of Wermspittle, but only at night and only in the company of certain officials who can vouch for their having acquired special clearance from the Sewer Militia.

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  1. I always like a humanoid race with a some interesting flavor.


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