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Random Alley Encounters I (Wermspittle)

Random Alley Encounters in Wermspittle (D30)
  1. (1d4) Grim-clown Hunchback(s) [90% chance of being on rooftop]. Why are they following you?
  2. (14) Feral Children seem to be keeping pace with you, no matter which direction you take or what route you try. They look hungry.
  3. (2d4) Refugees are out hunting rats, bats, or any other easy-to-snare protein.
  4. (2d4) Almas traders hoping to sell mangy Yeren pelts to the unwary.
  5. (1) Street Preacher with Laryngitis.
  6. (1d4) Moldlings [in dark area] or (1d6) Fungids attempting to ambush some pigeons from underneath the overhanging portion of a nearby roof. They are so intent on their prize that they do not immediately notice the small crowd of on-lookers gathering below.
  7. (1d6) Slate Slugs pursuing a wounded Drilg who leaps across the alley overhead. The slugs do not make the leap...
  8. There is an improperly inscribed Hexagon of Bohz left in the muck and mire here. It might be worth something to one of the antique-peddlers or someone who deals in such esoteric curios, however there is a base 5% chance of a Hexapodalite Polyp being summoned without being restrained every fifteen minutes that the object is being examined, handled or carried by a living being.
  9. A large Unseen Beast is wedged into this alley-way, blocking traffic...
  10. (3d4) Glimpshells have settled down to rest for a bit before continuing on  as part of a caravan. The Merchant is quite distressed. He knows that he does not have sufficient protection to proceed if he gets separated from the rest of the group.
  11. (1d4) Local Merchants) have just returned from an informal meeting of some sort and they are now in a hurry to open-up their shop(s).
  12. (2d4) Mercenaries sprawled across the alley, mostly drunk. One is dead. Wake them up and they'll think it was you, trying to steal their hard-earned pay...
  13. (1d4) Simulacra quietly keeping to the periphery and observing. They are weak from starvation and in no shape to argue. Or be picky.
  14. (2d4) Plaguebearers being driven through the streets by (2d6) Bone Guard who caught them defiling another broken down crypt.
  15. (2d6) Penitents stirring up a mob [20% of mob being incited, random target]. They want to 'make a difference,' however most of them are really anarchists seeking to just stir-up trouble. At least one is in the pay of a local handler working for a collapsed foreign power that no longer exists as a nation. Old habits die hard...
  16. (1d4) Corbin are trying to roast a single massive grub over a smoky fire. They ripped the wood from a collapsed building without looking very closely. Thus they do not notice the sly advance of a Type III Gobbling Grout that they've inadvertently released from the wreckage of the old slaughterhouse.
  17. (1) Filthmonger struggling to push a wheel barrow through the alley. There is something wriggling in the midst of his load...
  18. (1d6) Soulless and/or (1d4) Beggars. The Soulless are trying to make their way through the alley disguised as beggars (not fooling anyone). The local Beggars have taken exception to this and are collaborating to ambush the Soulless in order to steal their opals...which they are not carrying, so there are going to be some really disappointed beggars.
  19. (1d8) Fruiting Bodies [in dark area] are waiting to ambush (1d4) Wall Patrol coming off tier shift.
  20. (1d6) Bone Collectors [Servants of the Tribunal of Bones] are carting a load of recovered bones from an abandoned building where some Feral Children have been stockpiling the things as part of some macabre game.
  21. (2d4) Villagers from some Low Land Enclave looking for the entrance to a particular cellar that is actually marked clearly on the map they are reading upside down. They intend to become Adventurers...
  22. (2d6) Patients and/or (2d6) Afflicted huddled up against the wall in abject misery. 
  23. (1d4) Soulless on a mission for their Mistress. Unfortunately they have gotten lost in the alleys and their enemies are catching-up to them. Would you help them?
  24. (1d4) Cullers out looking for something nice to add to their Charnel-Vat.
  25. 1 Perdu is prowling this alley way in search of a lost skeleton key.
  26. (1d4) Students from the Academy have cut classes and are out looking for adventure. (2d6) Nirlocks have taken upon themselves not to disappoint the succulent little darlings.
  27. Someone in a real hurry has spilled 1d4 Gunpowder Grubs along the far wall.
  28. A badly dissolved former Jelly-hunter crawls out from the tumbled ruins of a near by building. The trail of blood and viscous goo leads back to a very large and now quite agitated Drab Jelly...
  29. Six Soorgim Mercenaries are attempting to cart a very heavy immature specimen of Ferric Blob through the alleys to meet-up with their employer, an ambitious Iron-Wright who has promised them a fat bonus if they can deliver the thing without his rivals being any the wiser.
  30. A Gloomswallow has been bound into a dream diagram inscribed in violet chalk on a grimy section of the back wall of a burned-out brothel by some passing Oneirist. Tampering with the diagram will release the thing... 
*Wall Patrol (Day-Shift): 1d4 3rd level fighters, leather armor, (60%) arbalest/(20%) arquebus/(20%) longbow, with short sword, dagger and alarm horn. One in four will also have a spy-glass. They are forbidden to carry money during their time on-duty. Most will be human, with a base 20% chance of some sort of hybrid. See the Random Wall Patrol Table for more specific details.

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