Saturday, July 7, 2012

Worldboat: Techno-Heads

Stately and serene, implacable and imperturbable, Techno-Heads float about the vast tracts of the central endocologies of each worldboat, grazing placidly as they explore each biome and every niche.

Originally they were roughly human-sized beings, so say the Quorrin.

No one knows for sure, because the Techno-Heads never fully wake-up any more. They drift along, sleeping, dreaming and gobbling up whatever they find tasty or interesting.

Automatic beings, the Techno-Heads have no need for consciousness as such. Slumbering giants, free-ranging techno-moai, the Techno-Heads grow whale-like in their dormant migrations.

What dreams they must have...


  1. This is really beautiful writing...

  2. Thanks. The Worldboats project has been a lot of fun to work on. It'll be even more fun to hand over the PDF and see what other people do next...


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