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"Hush! They're watching us. Can't you feel the weight of their gaze? Light the torch--"
From the incomplete transcript of the
audio-journal of one Jonas Wessington

(Presumed Deceased)

Born invisible, the Perdu are a forlorn and sullen people. Distrustful of strangers and those who would seek them out, the Perdu have long memories and rarely forgive a slight. The Perdu have seventy-two names for betrayal in their unique tactile patois.

Descended from the victims of human experiments the children of the Perdu are raised to distrust anyone they can see. They quickly learn to not trust each other. Not even themselves. For any but the Perdu this would be a prescription for disaster.

But for them it is a means of survival. the price for their continued existence is constant vigilance. Even as they escape most forms of visual detection (Actinic Lamps render them somewhat visible as vague, grayish forms, but the Perdu are known to skin alive anyone who torments them with such a device...)

Invisible to the naked eyes of humans and their kin, the Perdu inhabit a range of constantly shifting frequencies and vibrational rates. There are things...inhuman, monstrous and hungry things...that prowl these myriad strata of existence and the Perdu possess acutely developed sensory perception abilities that allow them to shift their sight across wavelengths and spectra, into other planes and beyond. But even as the Perdu have learned how to see things no one else can see, they have learned that those things can also very often see them as well.

Perdu have learned to track and kill Unseen Beasts, to discern the presence of the Horla, and to withdraw into higher or lower spectra in order to avoid the worst of the things that hungrily seek them out. They make transparent armor from the hides of the Unseen Beasts and use the vicious teeth of the Horla as arrow-heads or to craft invisible skrimshaw-amulets, some of which they sell to the Jaladari.

Those players who opt to play a character descended or related to the Perdu are considered Abseen, which will be detailed in another post, as well as in the forthcoming Wermspittle Player's Guide.


No. Enc.: 1d2
Alignment: Any
Movement: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1
Damage: by Weapon/Spell
Save: MU 6
Morale: 8

Special: The Perdu can adjust their personal vibratory rate to make themselves more or less visible at will. They possess a racially unique form of True SeeingClairvoyance and ESP.

Perdu are naturally, physically invisible, they are also able to become psychically transparent, allowing them to avoid most psychic, empathic, and similar predators as well as a heightened resistance to all Charms and mind-affecting spells (+1 bonus to all relevant Saves, increasing by an additional +1 bonus every 4 HD).

Perdue gain a Saving throw versus spells such as Detect Invisible or Remove Invisibility. If they fail the Save, they must use their next action/attack shifting their vibratory rate if they wish to remain unseen, otherwise they are rendered semi-opaque for the duration of the spell.

Perdue take 1d4/round damage when exposed to the light of an Actinic Lamp. Normal ultraviolet light does not harm them, but there is something in how these devices concentrate UV rays that is painfully harmful to the Perdue. Directing an Actinic Lamp at a Perdue will provoke them to fits of rage. It is a good idea to avoid doing this, unless all appropriate safe-guards and counter-measures have been taken...

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  1. The Perdu have seventy-two names for betrayal in their unique tactile patois.



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