Saturday, July 14, 2012

Street Encounters II (Wermspittle)

Random Street Encounters II (D30)
  1. Street collapses in a 3d6 foot radius. Save or fall 2d10 feet into hole. (30% chance that the hole reveals a tunnel, warren, or nest.)
  2. (1d4) Beeborn escorting their latest blissed-out victim to their hive.
  3. (2d4) Half-Rats on way to burglary.
  4. (1d6) Pallid on way home after a long night. They are wearing antique ceremonial regalia and are their own escort.
  5. (2d4) Sporemongers setting out to collect the night's production.
  6. (1d4) Locals scouring the immediate area with mops and buckets, trying to get rid of all the blood, slime and oozy-gobs left-over from last night.
  7. (1d4) Local Merchants, chatting with (2d4) members of the Wall Patrol*. They want something to be done about the latest rash of break-ins by Feral Children.
  8. Roof of near-by building collapses. Save or take 3d4 damage from falling masonry and rubble. 10% chance to be buried, requiring 1d4 turns to be dig out.
  9. (1d4) Lepers scavenging from the trash. At least one of them is a host for Scab-Mites.
  10. Corpse. Another victim has been found. Base 50% chance the next person to show up thinks that you did it.
  11. (2d4) Mercenaries, mostly drunk and/or passed-out. 40% chance they wake up and want to start something. There is a 40% chance of recognizing at least one of them as a notorious bandit.
  12. (1d4) Scarred and mangy Grizzly Bears (Mother and 1-3 young cubs) that have escaped from a traveling carnival.
  13. (1d6) Head-Taker Beetles returning to their lair with a sack of 2d4 severed heads.
  14. A full chamber pot clatters to the street in front of you...but there is no window close by...
  15. duck.
  16. (1d6) Dopplegangers (30% chance to be accompanied by a Simulacra), trying to blend in, but not doing so well.
  17. (1d4) Gargoyles recently dislodged from their nest by a band of gargoyle-hunters.
  18. Rat-Mage with 2d4 Half-Rats breaking into one of the local shops.
  19. Green Finch, apparently abandoned and quite frightened running loose down the street. The thing is larger than a typical warhorse.
  20. A dishevelled Sanguinist returning home after having indulged in their favorite pastime in a coach driven by three bickering Urglun.
  21. Roof collapses. [60% chance it displaces some lurking thing.]
  22. Event or New Arrival.
  23. (1d4) Jelly Hunters returning from a night's work. There is a 70% chance that they are being followed at a safe distance by some Amorphous Horror...
  24. Wild Beast escaped from an Asylum or Abandoned Menagerie.
  25. (1d6) Giant Flies, plus a cloud of thousands of normal flies. These insects seem to be clustered around the broken window of an old seamstresses' shop. A casual perusal of the premises will reveal 2d4 dead bodies stuffed carefully and neatly into the old sewing mannikins; someone has taken a lot of time and trouble to stitch these corpses into these frames, but to what end?
  26. (1d6) Harpies on way to Green Tower. They are late for a consultation with a Hagtessa to whom they owe a number of special 'favors.'
  27. Herd Animals being driven to market/butcher by a pack of (3d6) Feral Children who have only just rustled the things from the cellar-stables of a Refugee family that are now stalking them from roof-top. The refugees intend to recover their property, and to teach those kids a harsh lesson.
  28. Broadsheet Poster/Pamphleteer and/or (2d4) Rent Collectors and/or (1d6) Pickers. All arguing about what can or cannot be posted where and for how much. The broadsheet is an advertisement for a Magnetic Seance hosted by some up and coming Mesmerist.
  29. Hallerian-mode Zombies. [30% inside the walls/40% outside the walls/30% false alarm]. Who let those damned things in here? This could further prejudice people against the Hallerians. Perhaps that was the intent? But who among all their enemies would stoop to something this obscenely stupid and dangerous just to discredit their rivals?
  30. Airship. Someone claims to have spotted an airship. They're probably mistaken or lying, unless it's pirates. Again. Bastards.
*Wall Patrol (Day-time) 3rd level fighters, leather armor, (60%) arbalest/(20%) arquebus/(20%) longbow, with short sword, dagger and alarm horn. One in four will also have a spy-glass. They are forbidden to carry money during their time on-duty. Most will be human, with a 20% of any taint. See the Random Wall Patrol Table for more specific details.

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