Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Inscrutible, malevolent beings who occupy space at angles slightly contrary to what we take for granted...they do not really belong among us...but they are here...after a fashion...and they are not happy about it one tiny bit...
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Any (Evil)
Movement: 30' (Limited to mineral-based surfaces)
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 5 (can vary from 1 to 12)
Attacks: 1 (spell)
Damage: Per Spell
Save: E5
Morale: 9

Wicked things who really ought to be some place else, the Zahj peer out from the rough surfaces of old caves as easily as they scowl petulantly from within the cracked and filthy facades of dilapidated buildings. Their connection to this realm is superficial and soundless. Shallow. Murky. Limited. They can only interact with the here-and-now from within the textures of a surface. Silently. Like reflections caught within concrete, or a smoky face leering evilly from behind a section of worked stone as though it were a mirror or window. And indeed; matter, especially mineral-based substrates, are as windows to these jeering, japing, taunting things of hateful mien and bad intent.

Zahj will attempt to mimic, mock and imitate their victims like silent mimes. At first this might even be amusing, but it will quickly turn twisted and hurtful as the Zahj seek to intimidate or confuse their enemies so as to best set them up for a sucker-punch-style spell attack.

The Zahj cannot reach out past the surface within which they apprehend our reality, instead they rely upon spells...and subterfuge. They are never encountered away from some sort of mineral-based surface, and for some reason they cannot use mirrors nor anything made of glass. It is as though they cannot perceive glass. Perhaps it is some consequence of their disangled existence. In any case, as some Vampyriae cannot or will not cross running water, a Zahj will not or cannot extend their perceptions through glass.

It is rumored that the Zahj are susceptible to magical Darkness--it does not just blind them, it actually drives them back to their own realm. Of course this is just some vague bit of local folklore until someone actually puts it to the test...

Suggested Spells
Level 1: Cause Light Wounds, Cause Fear, Charm Person, Sleep, Ventriloquism.
Level 2: Curse, Hold Person, Silence 15' Radius, Mirror Image, Phantasmal Force.

Special: Breathless and Unexplainable Dread, Malign Thought Emanations, Malign and Particular Suspension of Natural Law, Unfix Boundaries, Vistas of Unplumbed Space.

A Zahj will typically have 1d4 spells per HD and tend to cast their spells as a 10th level Elf or Spell Caster/Magic User.

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