Friday, October 26, 2012

Witches Take Flight

Witches Flight GoyaMr. Brannan over at The Otherside blog has released his magnum opus of a sourcebook detailing The Witch as a character for Basic Era Games such as BECMI, Labyrinth Lord, etc. This project has been roiling and boiling away in Brannan's cauldron for quite some time and it shows. You can check out a nice little PDF Preview of the book HERE, or just click over to Drivethru RPG to buy the book. Just going from the Preview alone, it would appear that Mr. Brannan covers a great deal of territory, offers the reader a ton of interesting options and avoids the usual pit-falls and failings.

Maybe now we can get past the obligatory naked, green-faced cackling hags riding hay-forks through the moonlight blighting crops, curdling milk and tempting the (supposedly) virtuous into the depths of a hitherto unsuspected Invisible World...or not...

There are several different Traditions available, rules for ritual magic, covencraft, new monsters, new treasures, and some advanced options--quite a lot of intriguing-sounding stuff.

We don't do a lot of reviews, but in this case, we may make an exception once we get our hands on a full copy of the final product...


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much. I hope the full book does not disappoint.

    1. Dude, after reading through so much that passes as 'non fiction' in this area/genre, we're looking forward to your book, the preview looks intriguing in all the right ways, and you have a good track record with your previous effort(s) in this area, so we're quite optimistic. Besides it is fairly clear that you did a good bit of research, so that alone should make this an interesting read.


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