Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Poster: Fungal Tyrant

Fungal Tyrant Poster
Fungal Tyrant Poster by hereticwerks
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We detailed the Fungal Tyrant for use in Labyrinth Lord,
and one has popped-up in a few episodes of Bujilli as well...


  1. It is a great image, and the creature itself is a brilliant concept for deep spaces, a kind of Undermind, or Aroundmind. It's one of those ideas you have that takes the idea of delving down a wilder but very fitting path.

    1. Thnk you. We really like these critters, as monsters. They're not the usual adversaries...and they can be quite insidious. Very much inhuman intellects, fungal Fu Manchu type 'Underminds,' as you said. They work mischief from below, using infected catspaws and feverish Renfield-esque slaves...and sometimes a few true believer cultists as well...


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