Monday, October 8, 2012


No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120' (Levitation)
Armor Class: 6 (Immune to fire attacks)
Hit Dice: 5-10, possibly larger
Attacks: 1*
Damage: 3d4+
Save: F3
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: None

Abnormal, probably unnatural macrozoan lurkers, the Naleseyo wriggle through the air as though swimming. They seem to be sliding along, perhaps slowly migrating, from one Adjacent World to another. No one is certain where they originated.

Thrashing Fiends
When a Naleseyo attacks with its tentacles, it targets an area roughly ten feet in diameter (growing by 1 additional foot per HD), frenziedly pummeling everything within reach and spattering its victims with the slippery green goo in the process. They gain an additional 1d4 per HD over 5 and can split the damage they inflict between anyone caught within the area of effect for their attack.

Slippery Things
Naleseyo are speckled with glistening drops of milky-green fluid that clings to them like the morning dew or bubbles. Sticky, opaque bubbles of viscous stuff that follows their every movement, never getting more than a few feet away from them no matter how fast they move or how often they switch direction. The bubbles latch onto any and every form of metal, quickly forming a slick, oily layer over the entire exposed surface, making it extremely difficult to retain hold of anything so affected (Save or drop item).

Any weapon, tool or other metal object covered with this substance remains slippery for (1d4) minutes, after which time the fluid either evaporates or is absorbed into the metal--opinions vary considerably. One notable side-effect is that the metal comes away completely resistant to rust, corrosion or tarnishing for several weeks. Unfortunately the green fluid deteriorates into a stale-smelling waxy stain if removed from the Naleseyo for very long.

Untapped Potential
Incredibly difficult to trap or capture, no one has managed to domesticate the beasts yet. They will literally tear themselves to pieces whenever they are netted or otherwise restrained. Various self-professed experts have urged would-be Naleseyo-hunters to consider using quite a range of strategies, most of which have proven futile or worthless, much like lassooing a cougar. If someone were able to finally capture a few of these beasts, they could very well prove to be extremely useful...if there is some way to extract the green fluid from them safely and in sufficient quantity.

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