Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lithus Sector Map: Now Available as a Poster


  1. That is a cool service. Did it cost anything for you to get them to sell your design? Or is it like Lulu, where you put it up and you get a small cut of the profit?

    Good looking poster btw.

    1. Zazzle is pretty cool. You sign up for a free account and upload your artwork. They offer a ton of different things you can use your designs upon. We tend to stick with T-shirts, posters and a few odds-and-ends, though we are looking at some of the newer options. One thing that we really like is that by making our designs templates, people can use our stuff on anything they like, re-sizing things, re-positioning them, picking a different product, whatever. Highly recommended. and they've recently re-done the interface so it is easier to design stuff than ever before.


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