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Lithus Sector: Hex 01.03 (Xokav Incursion)

Hex 01.03

The Xokav are an enigmatic, ancient civilization dominated by a deeply entrenched hierarchical bureaucracy of psychic bivalves. For the most part the Xokav Swarms remain outside the Lithus Sector. For the most part. In Hex 01.03 there is a small CystClave of Xokav in the process of seeding the trailing end of the Dalax Nebula with nanorganic ovomasses with the intent to harvest dozens of bioformed habitats uniquely suited to the Xokav.

Xokav Swarm-sprite
What Is Currently Known
Three thousand years ago the Xokav abandoned all of their Cyst-Creches and CystClaves within the Lithus Sector. This withdrawal was extremely sudden and left behind only massive, empty bio-structures that drifted along dreaming in their lonely orbits. Most of these Bio-Structures have drifted along for thousands of years in peace, their dreams echoing across Lithus Sector on a deep wavelength few other species ever reach except in cases of trauma or highly exotic training.

The dreaming Xokav CystClaves within Hex 01.03 can be sensed as far away as Panj (04.05), Ashlek (01.05) and Allaro (00.06).

Abandoned Xokav CystCreches and other structures have been registered within the solar-system boundaries of Kazix (02.01), Lithus (03.05), and Kallisir (06.05). Unconfirmed reports have been posted for some sort of unexplored Xokav-style free-floating Bio-Structures at Mov (05.00), Pangazzi (03.08), and on the very peripheries of both TRADA (05.08) and Tregio (00.03).

There have also been unconfirmed sightings of ruined, damaged or dead Xokav Cystic Bio-Structures in several of the unclaimed regions along the edge of Lithus Sector abutting the Xokav Swarm Sector. No Xokav bio-Structures have ever been reported or spotted within 2 hexes of The Canopy nor The Eridanus Reach Sectors...though this last claim is now under dispute.

ExoSolar Nomads claim to have witnessed the crash of a Xokav Bio-Structure on an unregistered Dark Body in hex (07.07), but they have not released their evidence at this time, pending the acceptance of a lucrative deal with one of the hyper-competitive media outlets operating out of Lithus (03.05) or Tregio (00.03).

Immediate Repercussions and Subsequent Events
Dreamers, artists, poets and psychics from as far out as Panj (04.05) have been reporting a series of recurring dreams that have grown in intensity and duration over the last few weeks. At first the various disparate local authorities opted to do nothing. Officially. Elected pundits and sanctioned interpreters were nearly completely uniform in their collective efforts to down-play any significance this chain of events might have. the loudest voices calling for investigation into the matter either suddenly shut up, de-listed or dropped out of sight. some of them were undoubtedly 'disappeared.' Unofficially every major government, corporation and faction within the Sector that has any sort of connection or interest to psychic phenomena is in an uproar. Covertly, secretly, behind closed doors and beneath heavy shields they are all engaged in crash programs of various sorts to ascertain just what is going on, and what to do about it. Several cloaked missions have been launched in the hopes that doing something, anything is better than to wait until it is too late.

The Xokav maintain no embassy, no delegation, no representation among any of the Powers or Principalities within the Lithus Sector. They do not recognize any existing species or government currently expressing any sort of territorial or other claim within this region. The Security, Tactical, Military-Industrial complexes of several major solar-states see this as a potential threat to their sovereignty, interests and ambitions. While the Politicos, SpokesAI and Aristos hotly debate things, many would-be Warlords have begun to secretly gear-up for what they believe to be a fierce interstellar war for survival. Special Forces and various high-end operatives, including numerous sleeper cells and frozen assets have been activated and/or recalled, creating even more chaos, distrust and troubles as everything shifts into new configurations and old allies begin to question the existing treaties and opportunities for mischief pop up everywhere.

At first only two or three individuals claimed to speak on behalf of the 'Dreamers.' No two of them share the same messages, nor the same aims, methods or approach to how they receive let alone interpret these 'messages.' The most troubling thing, known only to those who have had the wits and wherewithal to investigate the matter sufficiently and discretely, is that each of these individuals does demonstrate heightened psychic sensitivity, awareness and ability. It is as if they were all being boosted or augmented in some way. Various covert agencies inside and outside of official channels have begun intensive monitoring and observation protocols. At least two 'Speakers' have disappeared, they are presumed to have been taken into custody by one of the more aggressive, less scrupulous agencies. So far the messages distributed by these individuals have been suppressed, scrambled, jammed or re-routed to keep them from reaching the majority of viewers, but this sort of massive multi-system black-out is the largest and most rigorous such effort ever mounted and it is failing. In less than a week, the messages will flood out across the StellarNet. Unless some way is found to effectively silence the Speakers, erase the datasets, or crash the system--an unthinkable, virtually impossible thing to accomplish...or is it? In the rapidly escalating atmosphere of panic behind the scenes, perhaps someone, somewhere is contemplating just such extreme measures...

The recent discovery of a pseudo-organic Bioship of unknown provenance on Xudriss II has stirred-up a great deal of angst among the secret masters of every covert operations services within the entire sector and beyond. Someone managed to re-route an Auto-Brig and hijack a group of deportees or detainees that have since penetrated the Bioship and either destroyed it, made off with it, or carried away extremely sensitive materials or otherwise vital information that simply Cannot Be Allowed to Fall Into The Wrong Hands.

A grad-student in the Xeno-Cryptography Department at the University of Kaaldu (03.04) recently disappeared. So has a  a Teaching Assistant at the University of Kaaldu's Deep Time Photoarcheology Station currently in operation in an Unclaimed Region (Coord.: 02.03). The TA is missing and presumed dead due to circumstantial evidence reported prior to the news blackout initiated by representatives of the University of Kaaldu. This incident may or may not indicate some sort of connection between the Xokav Situation and whatever is happening at Kazix (02.01). The Grad Student set-up a timed-release data-packet through his personal social media hub, a fact that was discovered by freelance Snoopers and made a matter of Public Record prior to the campaign to stifle and silence the so-called Speakers On Behalf Of The Dreamers. No one is clear on just what the Grad Student might have squirreled away prior to their disappearance, but speculation and tensions are running high, if not completely amok. Whatever secret(s) might be contained in that packet, when it drops into the Mass Stream, things are sure to get even more interesting.

In the last two days a strange viral infection has broken out across all those cities and habitats where a Speaker is currently active. After a modest three hour fever the victim's body extrudes a thin membranous flap of translucent living material that functions as a biological data-tablet. Every single one of these data-tablets appear to be synchronized and coordinated into a massively parallel closed network. They are appear to be in the process of accepting a serial download from some unspecified/unverifiable source. Some of those affected have torn the things out by their roots, suffering serious personal injuries. Others have taken it as some sort of a sign either of a religious nature or of alien superiority. Rough estimates calculate that the download will be completed within the next three days. Every Faction, Power, and Interested Party is investigating their options and some rather drastic things have been ordered into effect before getting full approval or backing...

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  1. Another inspiring instalment. It's full of ideas for the sector and builds on the very distinct tone the place already has. It also offers the foundations of a few major arcs across a spectrum of genres. For the Rogue Space vibe it's ideal.


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