Friday, July 18, 2014

Free Paper Miniatures (Set Zero)

Click to Download for Free

Have a Set of Free Paper-Miniatures. We hope you have fun with them at the table!

If you're interested, the descriptions/Labyrinth Lord statistics for the Cerebroblob, Ferric Blob, Garganta SlugGloomswallow, Iron Pig, Orb ClusterOrbiculateRaging Blob, ToaderValja, Xal Daemon, and Yelg Froth have all appeared in previous posts.We included a set of links on the back page of the pdf.

Some of these could have benefited from a little more work, but since the original files were lost in the big drive-crash, that's not going to happen. Instead of going back and rebuilding these paper-miniatures, we've opted to start working on a couple of brand new series of paper-miniatures and will have a preview in the next few weeks.


  1. Very cool. There aren't enough paper miniatures out there.

    1. We're working on some new ones...thanks for stopping by!


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